Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Few Things You Need to Know

1. I'm not really sure these are things you absolutely need to know, but they're things I'm telling you anyway because I am veryyyyy excited about each and every one of them!

2. Today was officially my last day of school. My room is semi-clean, all my stuff is completely packed up, and my "end of year scavenger hunt" is complete. And I only had to kill 3.5 spiders in the process of it all.

Helloooooo Summer!

3. Pretty Little Liars is back!!! And even though I'm sure I'll spend the first 5 minutes completely lost trying to remember all the twists and turns of last season, I know it's going to be great.

4. Being home in time to watch Ellen and Friends is The. Best. Thing. Ever.

5. I need to end on a nice solid number but I'm out of exciting things - except for the fact that now I get to go pour a nice, tall glass of wine. Which clearly is exciting no matter who you are.



  1. Love the post! How in the world did you get the videos like that??

    Bits of First Grade

  2. girl I had to watch that "ali's little secrets" or whatever last Tuesday night so that I would know wtf was going on in last night's PLL episode haha - when a story is that twisty and turny it's hard to keep up!