Friday, June 14, 2013

No Words

I started my summer job yesterday.
Because apparently sitting on the couch with my puppies for the entire summer
 just wasn't appealing enough to me.
Trust me, I'm already second guessing that decision.

Except not really.
I'm waitressing at a local restaurant downtown
and despite the larger than life blister I've already got on my right heel,
I'm excited to be back.

I worked there right before I started teaching
and y'all....waitressing is no joke.
I mean, it's definitely light years different than teaching,
which is why I was eager to start again this summer.
But it is tough.
And the fact that Eastern North Carolina decided to be 100plus degrees this week
doesn't help.

Because of the heat and my blister
I have very little to say today.

Except this...

because this statement has been running through my mind 
1209840983098 times in the past two days. 

And this...

because it is never too hot to #backthatazzup.

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. Blurred lines is SO hot! My new favorite song :)

  2. Girl, what happened to relaxing??? Hope you take some much deserved me time this summer to enjoy and relax =)