Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer - The Permanent Weekend

I know today's Tuesday,
(although I did have to stop and think about it a while
but if you're lucky that's what summer does to ya)
and while weekends should typically be recapped on Monday,
my recap is happening on Tuesday.
Kay? Great.


I mentioned on Friday that I've started a summer job
and I think I mentioned something about being excited about it?
Clearly, I was in denial because it sucks.
I'm five days in and I already feel like I'm wasting my whole summer working.
But that's neither here nor there. 

Let's just check out some recent happenings via pictures.

{Warning: This is the most random collection of pictures imaginable, and only probably five of them are actually from Saturday and Sunday. But hey, it's my blog so and I do what I want.}

one. my sweet Mema turned 81 years young a few weekends ago. we celebrated at White Lake with Duke Devotionals. duh.
two. clearly two of the most photogenic people I know.
three. my Mama Delta and I, showing how pictures should be taken.
four & five. my two favorite guys.
six. daddy and his brother, back-porch sitting.
seven. bromance at it's finest.
eight. father's day chalkboard art. I'm getting kind of good if I do say so myself.
nine. willow, breaking my heart, being a big girl and sleeping in her own bed.

one. my very first fro-yo experience. yes, I know. I have in fact been living under a rock.
two. apparently the game of LIFE is now played with an iPad. Robbie and I have never felt more out of touch in our lives.
three. sweet puppy kisses.
four. my back porch sitting. we're kind of obsessed. 
five. speaking of obsessed: maxi dresses + stripes = nuff said.

This weekend I also decided to jump back on the gluten free wagon full force. 
So much so that I went to a Father's Day Beer Tasting party and didn't even participate. 
Talk about willpower. 
But it needed to happen. 
My eczema had gotten out of control and since I haven't gotten my Humira prescription refilled in over a month, I was having the worst arthritis flare ups. 
Here's to healthy eating!

Hope you're all having a fab Tuesday! 


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