Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. Lists - This one is actually something I love all the time. But I've recently started making my lists a little fancier, which makes me love them even more. 

2. Grey's Anatomy - Robbie and I have started watching again from the very very beginning. And I tell ya what, those first few seasons are THE best. Izzy, Burke, George - the gang's all there and it is fabulous.

3. Cheddar Popcorn and Diet Coke - Two things that are both gluten free and both delicious. (Never mind the calories in the popcorn and the aspartame in the diet coke.)

4. Chalkboard Art - Remember that refurbished antique table I bought a few months back, with the chalkboard top? The one that will be perfect for a little kid's room in 5 years? Yea, well with it tucked safely away in the guest room (where no one hardly ever sees it) I have been brave enough to channel my inner Jessica Garvin and try some designs for myself. 

5. My Spots are Completely Gone - I know for most all of you this will make absolutely no sense whatsoever, because somehow I managed to go through the whole ordeal without divulging every detail via le blog. But basically, long story short, back in October I developed eczema and broke out in these horrific "spots" all over my shins. They itched like crazy and looked so bad. This was part of my motivation for starting a gluten free diet. 

Since October, it's been kind of an up and down thing. They've gotten better and then gotten way worse again. About two weeks ago they got the worse they've ever been. Which was devastating, because hello, it's one million degrees outside and I should be showing off my legs, not covering them up. In fact, it was only last week that I told Robbie I couldn't wait for my shins to be something that I didn't even think about. 

Well, that day has come and is hopefully here to stay. My legs look better than they have in months and I'm hoping they'll stay that way. What did I do differently you might ask? I honestly have no idea. I was in such desperation mode that I was trying like ten different things at once. Whoops. 

I will say, watching what I've been eating has been a huge contributing factor though. I have become such an advocate for being self aware of what you're putting in your body. (Number 3 may beg to differ.) I wrote a post a few months ago about green, leafy vegetables and for the record, I still hate veggies. I am by no means, a "health food addict". In fact, I still hate most healthy foods. But I'm watching the types of foods I'm putting in my body and the amount I'm eating. And I honestly think it's helping.

Sorry....nothing about that was "long story short". 

6. These Puppies - Always.


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  1. I really miss old School Gray's. I haven't watched in years, because it just got too weird for me. But the first 4 seasons were pure joy.