Wednesday, July 24, 2013


If you've been hanging out with me lately,
you've probably noticed I've lost some of my blogging mojo.
Apparently, this is pretty common for summer time, or so I've heard.

I was in kind of the depths of my blogger's block when I saw this link up
(hosted by two of my favorite bloggers, might I add)
and I figured it was a sign.

Helene in Between

A sign for me to really sit down and think about why I've lost my blogging mojo
and what sources of inspiration I can use to get it back.
Plus also I figured it would be a great way to see what other bloggers use for inspiration.

So I sat....and I sat.....and I realized something a bit depressing.
I don't know what inspires my blog posts.

My brain tends to move in a million different directions at all times.
I usually just pick one of the random things flying around in my head and
Bam. Instant blog post.

Reading other blogs sometimes inspires me too.
I say sometimes because a lot of times I read a really great post
and think "man, I wish I had thought about that".
Hopefully this inspires me to create my own post kind of along the same lines
but usually it just leaves me coveting blogging genius ideas.
(Here's looking at you miss Daily Tay. And Yoga Pants Whitty. Oh yea, and miss Back East Nadine)

Sometimes I like writing about things going on in my life.
But other times I feel like that's a little too "Dear Diary".

E! News and celebrity gossip is another source of inspiration...kind of.
I am in no way, even a smidge of lady Mason
but I do like sharing my opinions of hot topics every once in a while.

Honestly though, I think one of the biggest things that inspires me
are my readers. I know, I know "cool cliche".
But getting comments on posts makes me happier than Erin with unlimited puppies and beer.
Sure, I blog for me and for the love of writing, blah blah blah.
But I also like to know what I'm writing is actually being read by someone
(other than my mom).


So there you have it, my blog post inspirations.
Riveting, I know.
Go see Helene and Sarah (aka REAL bloggers) for some real inspiration.



  1. I love that you're inspired by other bloggers... and don't worry about sounding too much like "Dear Diary" - sometimes, those make the best blog posts, in my opinion...

  2. I am in a idk phase as well. But you are right I feel the same! I also covet a lot of the same as you :)

  3. Aghhh. :) You make me smile.
    Also, embrace that wandering brain, girlfriend. Only the best of us have 'em! ;)

  4. OH YOUR am by no means any a "realer" blogger than you! I think all of our minds tend to wander and sometimes that leads to the best material!

  5. Don't hate on the "million different direction brain!!" Be thankful!! Shiny red ball syndrome and blogging REALLY work well together, IMO!