Friday, July 5, 2013

The Day After

Is it just me or is Thursday the best day for July 4th to fall on? Even if you had to go back to work today (which is totally un-American, bee tee dub) it's already Friday and the weekend starts again tomorrow. It's the little things in life, folks.

However, if you're like me - the overzealous teacher - who has summer's off anyway but decides to get an extra job "just for fun" waiting tables, weekends mean absolutely nothing, as restaurants stay open 7 days a week. Whomp whomp. 

Moving on - I hope everyone had an extra patriotic day yesterday. As I was salving away (on the first sunny day in ENC in two weeks) for the hoards of tourists in town I hope you were enjoying an ice cold beer, a foot-long hotdog, and a stellar fireworks show in my honor. Or not. It is America after all, and you can celebrate your freedom any way you'd like - hence the word freedom.

Although I was working yesterday, I did still manage to have a pretty festive (although low-key) fourth. And I'm road-tripping to PA this weekend for a wedding so there's that to look forward to.

My house had a very festive touch.

As did my sweet pups.

I stole borrowed this yummy recipe from Jenny

Today has been spent laying out with this sweet girl. 
Trying to make up for all the Vitamin D I lost yesterday. 

Oh oh! And on Wednesday I got into the red, white, and blue spirit

for lunch with this sweet friend

That's right - me and Lauren on our second blate. 
I'm pretty sure that makes us real life best friends now!
Seriously, love that lady. 
I keep forgetting that we met via blog and haven't just known each other our whole lives. 



  1. Have fun at your wedding this weekend! I almost think weddings are more fun than the 4th of July... pretty outfits, love, dancing, and wine. What could be better?

  2. I love love your 4th of July decorations! I didn't get quite that far this year...but I did watch some pretty snazzy fireworks last night!

  3. I love the burlap pennants you made! So cute!! Where are you waiting tables at?