Monday, July 15, 2013

The Life and Death of a Blog

{Warning: This post is a little drab. If you just want to skip all the boring, whiny words and see a super cute picture that's guaranteed to make you smile, just scroll on down. I swear I won't mind.}


A few days ago, Stephanie over at A BEAUtiful Mess wrote a post about the evolution of a blog, her blog in particular. And it got me thinking...

I think Delightfully Dunn might be dead. Not dead-dead like forever, but soap-opera-dead, like it's going to die off and take a little break but then suddenly be resurrected and come back to life three seasons later.

Don't get me wrong - I love blogging. And I get so excited when I see new baby blogs getting started. Equally as excited as when I read an awesome post from one of my go-to bloggers who has been doing this for what seems like forever. I also love that blogging has now officially spanned across all social media networks and that I can keep up with my fav bloggers via the twit and Instagram.

What I don't love right now is writing blog posts. For whatever reason - blogger is on my shit list. I just can't stand to open it. And then to have to click on "new post". Gah. I dread it like I use to dread online Blackboard assignments (which is a lot, in case you were wondering.)

I know I've mentioned this a few times in the past few months - but I am in a blogger's block like you wouldn't even believe. My goal this week is to write one post every day. Hopefully 3 out of 5 of them will actually be good posts. We shall see.

I feel so silly having to set such a goal for myself. Writing a blog post used to be something I looked forward to, not something I had to "pencil in" and make myself do. But if I can get back on the post-like-a-normal-blogger wagon maybe it'll be fun again. I like being a blogger and I'm not quite ready to give that up.

Here's to hoping.


As promised.



  1. Sorry you`re in a rut! I`m in one myself. And everytime I do manage to write one, it read it over like, "that sounds so dumb" haha. Just go at your own pace, or it will feel like work! Blech!

  2. I know how you feel. Last week, I did the same thing... I made myself post everyday. You'll get it back in good time :)

  3. I feel ya girl. I dreaded writing the "catch-up" post from yesterday because I had gotten so out of the groove of blogging. Maybe something super awesome and exciting will happen that will get us back on the wagon!

  4. I definitely get in blogging ruts. It does help to have an ongoing list of topic ideas, and I pretty much take pictures of everything and then scroll through Picasa going, "Did I write about that yet? Hmm..."

    Don't force it too much, though... this should be a fun hobby! You'll get back to it sometime! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  5. I know what you mean! Although most of the time I have loads to say but no time to put posts together. Well keep doing what you do. Life will surely give you fresh things to write about : )