Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Every year in October,
Busch Gardens in Williamsburg opens up Hallow-scream.
In my opinion, this is the only time they should ever open 
because what could be better than roller coasters, haunted houses, and other spooks?

Nothing. That's what. 

Well, unless you throw in some really great friends too.
Which is exactly what Robbie and I did a few weekends ago.

Nevermind that it rained on and off the entire day. 
We spent 12 hours at the park, 
riding roller coasters, 
watching scary shows,
throwing back a few jello shots, 
and walking through scary haunted houses.

Neal was ready to travel through the countries of Busch Gardens.

Now, obviously between the rain
and the high g-force roller coasters,
taking pictures was tough.

But I'll share what I got. 

We rode much more age appropriate rides than just the merry-go-round
but don't those boys just look so darn cute on those ponies.

Like bumper cars. Bumper cars are age appropriate. 
Those kids didn't know what hit 'em.

I was the lone Wolf Packer among a whole group of Pirates. 

Oh, and I met (and touched) a hedgehog. Crazy.

But besides all the normal, fun stuff you can do at Busch Gardens
during Hallow-scream the entire park is decorated like a haunted village
which gets really scary at night,
especially when the "zombies" and "witches" and other spooky creatures come out.
Which I'll have to say, of all the times me and Robbie have been to Hallow-scream,
this one was extra scary as far as the goblins and ghouls jumping out at you.

There are also several haunted houses that open up as soon as the sun goes down.
Most of them are like you're typical haunted house
and are scary, but mainly just because of the build up of it all.

Except for 13, a haunted house meant to heighten thirteen of the most common fears.
Honestly, when I first saw it, all I could think of was TSwift,
which for some is scary enough. 
But once we got to the line we started noticing signs with different fears posted on them.
Arachnophobia - the fear of spiders. Ophidiophobia - the fear of snakes.
Coulrophobia - the fear of clowns.

As we're reading these signs,
while standing in line forrrrrever,
we're starting to get some pretty crazy ideas about what exactly is going to be in this haunted house.

And sure enough.
Each room represented a different fear.
Claustrophobia, darkness, scary clowns, slimy snakes.
It was all there and it was all scary.

Part of the fun was figuring out what each room was supposed to be
and the other fun part was actually being terrified of what was in the rooms.

I'm typically not a "scary-fan" person.
I don't like scary movies
and I'm perfectly fine dressing up as something fun for Halloween,
not something that's going to scare the pants off people.

But, I do love some Hallow-scream.
And I'm using it to link up with Helene and Sarah today.

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  1. I've always wanted to go to Busch Gardens for this! I am such a wuss when it comes to scary stuff though that I have yet to make the trip haha (even though I adore roller coasters and theme parks in general).

  2. I went to Halloweekends at Cedar Point a few weekends ago, which seems very similar. The weather was much better for me, so it was crazy warm and with huge lines. Always fun though to go to the theme parks for Halloween time. And the hedgehog is adorable!

  3. I WANT to go to this so bad! They have something similar at Knott's Berry Farm too! Looks like a blast! I love roller coasters and scary movies :)