Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A few things...

1. My always prepared husband bought THE biggest bag of candy for the hoards of trick-or-treaters we were expecting on Halloween. And by "hoards" I mean the ONE trick-or-treater that actually showed up. Now I've got eight pounds of chocolate staring at me, practically begging me to dig in. The worst part - it's all the fun size candy. And you just don't say no to a fun size Snickers bar.

2. My dog has been climbing on everything lately. The back of the couch. The fireplace hearth. Our Saturday night guests. It's really becoming a problem. Any advice on how to teach a doxie the meaning of personal space?

3. It's friggin freezing outside. And inside. I'm just cold all the time. Which makes being productive reallyyyyy hard. If it can't happen from the warmth of my couch/bed it's probably not going to happen.

4. The countdown to Christmas is officially on and people have officially lost their minds. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas. And I currently have about 18 to-do lists involving Christmas shopping/planning/decorating. However, it is NOT Christmas. It's not even December. Hold your horses people. We've got a boat load of turkey and gravy to ingest before we can start decking the halls.

5. I don't how people watch real TV and get anything else done. I'm used to having the TV on all the time simply for background noise. But the past few days I've actually turned on something worth watching - a Law & Order: SVU rerun, an old Grey's Anatomy episode - and slowly but surely, the life has been sucked out of me. Add to that the frigid temperatures and I can't get anything done. I get home from school and before I know it, it's 8:00 and I've done nothing with my afternoon.

6. The time change. Bleh. That extra hour of sleep was nice. And I do enjoy driving to school in the daylight. However, the fact that it's pitch black by 6PM is something I will never get used to. How is that even acceptable?

7. My most favorite wittle step-sister turns 21 today. Well I guess technically she turned 21 last night at midnight because that's how it works. And just like that I feel old and jealous and tempted to skip work and drive to Chapel Hill and pretend to be in college with her again. Except I won't. I'll just wish her the happiest of birthdays and countdown the days until she comes home and we can legally share a drink together!

Look at that party animal.

8. I use my crock pot now. Kind of a lot. NOT for stew beef. Ew. Never ever for stew beef. But I've found lots of yummy, gluten-free, only semi-fattening dips and dishes to cook in the crock pot and I'm pretty darn proud of myself for it.

9. I'd really like for this list to make it to number 10, but I doubt that's going to happen.

10. Oh wait - the most important thing of all. Happy hump dayyyyyyy! Bam - hello number 10.



  1. yay for crockpots! I don't know what I would do without mine. I may have requested that Santa bring me a battery-operated one for tailgating (which I don't even think exist). Happy Hump Day boo thang!

  2. I don't think doxies will ever learn what personal space is. Shelby would crawl inside of me if she could...