Thursday, November 14, 2013

Me Again

Hey guys! Remember me!

I've just been hanging out on piles of clean laundry. It's one of my most favorite things.

I've been begging mom to let me come blog again. And when she heard about Jackie's link up, she figured it would be the perfect time to finally let me get my way.

I tell ya what. I am not used to being told no. But it's okay - I'm here now and I have so much to tell you.

First of all, holy moly it's so cold in my life right now. Yesterday I went outside to, you know, take care of my tinkle business, and I literally almost got blowed over from the wind. It was cray. How's a girl supposed to tinkle in peace with that kind of weather?

Mom keeps trying to make me wear my sweater, but I hate that thing. I'd rather freeze. Or snuggle down deep under a blanket on the couch. Yep, I'd much rather want to snuggle.

So, some pretty big things have been happening in my life lately. Mom and dad have been super busy, so Roxy and I have been hanging out in our homes together a lot. But it's all good. I love my home. I have a towel in there that I burrito myself into. It's great.

There's also been a lot of new people at my house. Which is kind of alright. I don't always know what to think of them at first.

A while ago (I'm not sure how long. Time flies when you're a wee little pup.) mom and dad had some sort of costume party. Of course, they made me and Roxy wear something ridiculous. I think mine was made out of a baby onesie. #mymomsanembarassment

Which brings to my next point - babies. They've been everywhere lately. And they are so weird. But also kind of cute. I'm just not sure what to think of them. They're people like mom and dad but they're on my level. And they are all the time grabbing my tail. Or making noises. I, obviously, have to bark every time they try to say something. I mean, hello? I'm the loudest thing around here and that is not about to change.

Fortunately these babies never hang around too long. I can deal with anything for a little while. And last time, one of them had wings on, which was pretty cool.

I also met a new dog "friend". I don't think she liked me very much. Mom said I didn't make a good impression. I think I did a find job of showing that dog who's boss. Obviously it's me. But once that was all out of the way I was ready to be friends with the girl. We even shared a treat. Well....I may have taken it from her but hey, you snooze = you lose around here. Roxy taught me that one.

Oh yea, and then we switched food bowls. That was fun to. I think that's what friends do together. 

Speaking of losing, I just heard dad getting ice out of the fridge. He always gives us a piece if we ask. But sometimes Roxy takes mine (rude). I gotta go before she gets it.

Have a wienerful day!

(JK, mom made me say that. She thinks puns are cute. Ugh.)


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  1. Aww love when Willow stops by the blog! Sookie is a big-time ice lover too (and popcorn) so I understand the pitter pat of little paws (or big paws in Sookie's case) thundering towards the fridge whenever the ice maker is hears