Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Confusion x5

I've been in a fog all week. I'm crossing all ten fingers and hoping that it's not another sinus infection. But I'm also promising myself that if I don't feel better this time next week I'm going to the doctor. I am not spending this holiday season in a sinus funk.

All that being said, my fogginess went to a whole new level on Saturday. I was finally fully recovered from the worst hangover I've ever had in my life, plus the side effects of eating three Thanksgiving meals in one day were beginning to wear off (ie. my pants were beginning to fit again.)

Robbie and I had spent the first part of the weekend in Kinston babysitting his brother and sister. We ate way too much food, wore our pajamas all day long, and watched approximately 3.5 Disney Channel original movies (to which I have to say, bring back Xenon, please.) It was so fun! We also took some time for a holiday wreath photo-shoot which I'm sure was snap-chatted to the entire 5th grade class.

Any who...Robbie and I got home around dinner time and I really wanted to start putting out our Christmas decorations. The leaky faucet formally known as my nose wasn't helping the situation, but I grabbed a roll of toilet paper and tried my darnedest to do something productive with the 18 boxes Robbie had pulled out of the attic. {Saturday night confusion #1}

In the midst of my nose-blowing Christmas-decorating, I get a text from my mom asking if we want to join them at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. To which we both quickly replied, duh, and headed on our merry way. (Don't worry, I left the toilet paper behind.)

This is where things got a little "twilight zone" for me. Our Buffalo Wild Wings opened, literally, a week ago. So it's kind of a big deal. But as soon as we walked in it just didn't feel the same as our beloved B-dubs 40 min. away.

Nevertheless, we found our crown-wearing brothers, squeezed into the tiniest booth in the restaurant and tried to order drinks. After the waitress (bless her heart, y'all) finally figured out what a Michelob Ultra was....we continued to wait another 20 min. for her to come back and take our order. {Saturday night confusion #2}

But don't worry, in those 20 min. we saw the most amazing game ending play brought to you against Alabama by Auburn. Plays like that make me wonder how anybody could not enjoy watching football. And being in a sports restaurant made it that much cooler. I didn't have a dog in the fight so I didn't care who won, but I was happy to witness such a cool play. And there for a while, I did feel a little bit like this guy (sorry Bama). {Saturday night confusion #3}

An hour and a half, one refill, and a very small tip later we were back home, still reliving the Auburn/Alabama game via social media updates (Side note: I had one friend who was an Auburn fan prior to the game Saturday night. Now I've got at least 20.) When Robbie played what I thought was the cruelest prank ever, and told me that Paul Walker died. {Saturday night confusion #4}

At first I thought maybe I hadn't heard him right, my ears had been a little stuffy after all. And then I thought maybe it was a hoax like that one time Tom Cruise died. But again thanks to my 309858 closest friends on social media (jk I don't have that many friends) it was confirmed that everyone's childhood crush had actually died.

And after I felt abnormally sad over the death of a celebrity that I had never even met, I realized everyone who claimed Paul Walker used to be their biggest celebrity crush is full of bologna. One of my friends posted a status about how she used to hang up Paul Walker posters back in the day, to which I say...."you mean like yesterday?" Because in my mind, Paul Walker never stopped being hot and I never stopped loving every Fast and Furious movie that came out. #justsayin {Saturday night confusion #5}


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