Tuesday, December 17, 2013


There's only one word that appropriately describes my life right now: full.

My calendar is full.
Full of Christmas parties, family gatherings, school activities.

My to-do list is full.
Full of gifts left to purchase (there's only a few left), gifts left to wrap, meals left to prepare.

My house is full.
Full of twinkly lights and Christmas balls.
Full of the remnants of a great weekend with even better friends.

My brain is full.
Full of excitement for the upcoming weeks, reminders of important things I don't want to forget.

My fridge is full.
Thanks to Robbie's weekly shopping trip earlier today.
Full of ingredients for yummy holiday treats ready to be prepared and delivered.

My laundry room is full.
Of clean and dirty laundry. There's just not enough time left in the day.

My heart is full.
Full of love for the amazing people I have in my life.
Full of giddiness for the memories we're creating.
Full of smiles and laughter and warmth.
Full of blessings that I don't even begin to deserve.

My heart is so so full.

And in all my fullness, I can't help but smile.

I'm loving every second of every full day. Almost as much as this dog is loving his life right now.


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