Monday, December 23, 2013

Why I'll Always Believe in Santa

This growing up business is tricky. Besides the whole living on your own/paying your own bills/being responsible for yourself thing, your perspective about certain things shifts. Most of the time for the better - like realizing those cut-off shorts were in fact too short and not all that attractive.

But sometimes our perspective changes for the worse. We become cold and hard and cynical. If you're not careful, Christmas can become one of these times.

I've mentioned before how much my family loves to hold on to every single one of our childhood traditions. In fact, I got a text message last night from my dad about getting excited for the "fat man's big arrival". And I promise you at least once on Christmas Eve, I'll mention something to Robbie about how excited I am that Santa's coming. To which he'll roll his eyes and play along and mutter something along the lines of "act your age, not your shoe size" under his breath.

But here's the thing. I feel like Santa's been getting some flack lately. I feel like kids are finding out the truth earlier and earlier and I feel like parents are becoming lackadaisical about the whole Santa thing.

You'll hear really religious parents downplay the idea of Santa because it takes away from the true meaning of Christmas (which it doesn't by the way.) You'll hear lazy (sorry it's the only word I can think of) parents downplay the hype that follows Santa because they're tired of putting on the act. You'll hear money-saving parents stress about Santa because times are tight and gifts might be limited. You'll even hear parents who are tired of lying to their kids about Santa - to which I say is just completely ridiculous.

To all of those parents, I would say you've completely lost the whole meaning behind Santa and the whole meaning behind the Christmas season.

As Christians, we celebrate Christmas by recognizing Jesus' birth - the biggest and greatest gift that we could have ever received.

But everyone, regardless of religious belief or affiliation should celebrate this season by recognizing the abundance of blessings we have. This time of year is a time for love and hope, friends and family, giving and receiving. This time of year is a time for magic. A time to believe in things not seen.  A time to hold the ones near you and soak in all their wonderfulness.

It can be a time for reflection and a time for planning. Looking back on the year's past and preparing yourself for the year coming.

On the surface, Santa is a fat man in a red suit who flies around the world, jumps down people's chimneys and delivers presents. But in reality, Santa is so much more. Santa is the symbol for hope and love and all things Christmas.

If you want to stop believing in the flying reindeer part, fine. But to those who stop believing in Santa, I just don't understand how Christmas can even be an enjoyable time of year for you. Not because of the gifts, but because of the love that Santa brings. The joy and wonder that surround him.

You're never too old to stop believing in that.


As adults, we often think we've got it all figured out. When in reality, we could learn a lot from the children in our lives. 


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