Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Coming Soon....

I spent yesterday doing one of my most and least favorite things. As usual, Robbie got a new 2014 planner in my stocking. And first things first, holy moly can you even believe that it's 2014. I literally second guess myself every time I type that because it just can't be 2014. But it is. And with the start of a new year, it also means the start of a new planner. 

I love going through the blank pages of a new calendar and filling in important dates for the year. #nerdalert. But I also hate going through the blank pages of a new calendar and filling in important dates for the year.

One of the first things that gets put in my new planner is the dreaded "back to school" date. Christmas break is so so so nice and while I'm always slightly ready to get back into the normal routine that comes with being back in school, I would be lieing if I said I didn't get sad about not being able to spend all day lounging around in my leopard leggings aka my newest obsession.

I am especially excited about this upcoming semester for one particular reason though. Robbie's starting his final semester which means he'll be full-time student teaching. I had the absolute BEST student teaching experience and I am so excited for Robbie to (hopefully) have the same! Also, it will be nice to have him finally done. If you've been following along you might remember that Robbie graduated in May 2011 with a History degree and has since gone back for his teaching license. It's a family affair around here I tell ya.

Having Robbie back in school for the past year and a half has been interesting and there have definitely been the not so fun parts. Like him having to drive to Greenville once a week for late classes. And having to buy college text books again.

When we were both in college the first time, our parents used to help us out when it was time to buy our text books. However, now that we're grown-up and all that jazz, we've been shelling out the money ourselves. And let me tell you what, there is nothing more annoying than buying a boring, ratty old text book for $100+.

Fortunately there are organizations like CampusBookRentals. Who allow college students to rent their textbooks for a fraction of the cost. I wrote a review post for them a few months ago and gladly jumped at the opportunity to do it again.

Books at CampusBookRentals typically cost 40%-90% less than bookstore prices. (Math was definitely not my strong suit, but even I know, saving 90% is a lot.) Plus, their website is super user-friendly. All you do is type in the book you need and voila, there it is. 

When you click on the book you want to rent, you'll see a due date listed. But, if that date doesn't coincide with when you need the book you can select your own date to return it. And, it's free shipping both ways. That means you don't have to pay for shipping when you order it, or when you turn it back in.

This year, they've started a new program, RentBack where students can rent their own textbooks out to other students. So all those textbooks that you've already bought (because you didn't yet know about CampusBookRentals) can now be rented to other students who needs them which means money in your pocket. 

Being able to rent textbooks in and of itself is great! But CampusBookRentals offers a lot of other great things. They partner with Operation Smile, an international charity that provides free cleft palate and cleft lip surgery for children all over the world. This organization provides skilled, dedicated doctors 
to give children a chance at a better, healthier life, one with many more smiles (pun intended). 

When you rent your textbooks through CampusBookRentals, part of the proceeds are going to Operation Smile. Part of your money, that you were going to spend anyway on a ridiculously boring textbook, is giving this child a better life.

Pretty cool, right?

If you're still not totally convinced, check out this video that probably explains it better than I ever could.

If you're still not totally convinced (although you should be) head on over to CampusBookRentals and check it out for yourself. And then you've got one less thing to worry about when that "back to school" date rolls around.


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