Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Confession: I have had this post planned since last week when I was sooooo sad I missed the "week of the crush". If you're not at least reading Bon's Throwback posts, you need to reevaluate some of your life decisions. 

So this week is Throwback Birthday. And I have to just warn you - I had THE best birthdays growing up. And to think my mom planned it all in the middle of tax season (I'm the daughter of a CPA born on April 10, oh the irony) and without Pinterest is pretty impressive if you ask me. 

For the sake of time, I won't recount all the marvelous birthdays I had but I'll mention just a few that pop to the forefront of my mind.

The One With the Makeovers
- I have no idea how old I was turning but it was sometime in Elementary School. I invited 5 or 6 girls (which was A LOT - normally I was only allowed to invite 2) for a sleepover birthday party. That in and of itself would have been enough. But the fun didn't stop there. IT WAS A MAKEOVER BIRTHDAY PARTY. My mom's best friend came over, we kicked the boys out of the house, and we got to wear real make up, fix our hair, and dress up in my mom's old prom dresses and pageant gowns. We posed and took pictures, just like real models, and then made frames out of popsicle sticks for everyone to take home. It was seriously the best. 

The One Where I Became a Teenager
- For my 13th Birthday I had a joint cookout sleepover with my very best friend. We invited all of our girlfriends and started at my friend Holly's house where we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and giggled about boys. We had ice cream cake and opened presents and giggled about more boys. Then we all shuttled over to my house where we stayed up late, ate muddy buddies, and you guess it, giggled about boys. That morning we woke up and had the hugest, yummiest breakfast. It was great.

The One and Only Surprise Party
- I say one and only because so far, it's the only surprise party I've had although I totally wouldn't be opposed to another. For my 16th birthday I was so wrapped up in getting a car and my license that I hadn't even really thought about a party. Robbie and I were dating and he had planned a special day for us the day before my actual birthday. He also gave me my first promise ring that year. That night I had plans to eat with my parents at my favorite "fancy" restaurant in town. This was the first birthday that my parents had been separated so dinner with them both was a big deal and I was very excited. 

When we got to the restaurant I immediately noticed my three best friends sitting at a table together. They waved and I remember thinking, "that's so weird that they're here and why wasn't I invited." Until about .5 seconds later when I realized they were there to eat with me! At first I thought it would be them plus my parents and Carter, but it wasn't. Mom and Dad left and the four of us had the best time - talking, eating the most delicious lobster bisque I've ever had, and of course, still giggling about boys. They spent the night that night and even though it was a really low key birthday, it was one of the most special weekends. I got to spend it with all of my favorite people. Oh, and I still got my whole family dinner which was great too.

My two favorite boys at dinner.

The One Where I Got Engaged
- This barely counts as a "throwback". In fact, I refuse to classify my 21st Birthday as a "throwback" because I refuse to admit that I am getting that old. But, I can't talk about great birthdays without mentioning this one. 

First things first, no I didn't get engaged on my birthday. But, I have this philosophy that birthdays are meant to be celebrated for the whole month, so it counts. Robbie proposed the weekend before my birthday (and I just realized I've never blogged about our proposal. I'll get on that soon.) so I was fortunate enough to spend the entire week before my birthday celebrating my engagement with the best roommates in the whole world (seriously love those girls) and then we slid into the weekend celebrations for my birthday.

I'd like to say that I did something really wild and crazy that I don't even remember for my 21st Birthday, but the lame truth is I didn't. I tried. But it just didn't work out that way. I instead went to a very nice dinner with some of my closest college friends, where I ordered every drink on the menu and only liked maybe 2. I am not an adventurous drinker. I prefer the basics - wine, beer, tequila. But I was turning 21 so I felt like I needed to at least try to be fancy. After dinner a few of us decided to go downtown and try out some new bars that we had never been to but again - I am not an adventurous bar hopper. I like to stick with what I know and what I'm familiar with. The "new bars" that we went to were kind of lame and we ended up back at our apartment drinking trusty Pinot Grigio and just hanging out. Which still happens to be one of my favorite things to do. 

Either way - it was a special birthday (that isn't a throwback) where I got to spend quality time with all the people I love. Cause honestly, isn't that what birthdays are all about? 

Oh and being a princess. Birthdays are definitely all about being a princess. 

While we're talking about birthdays - this year, in 10 short months actually, I turn 25! Eeek! And I am so excited! I've already started planning my birthday party. I'm thinking a 007/Secret Agent theme. Kelle Hampton inspired

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P.S. I can't apologize enough for not having any decent throwback pictures to add to this post. We all know that's the real reason we love a good throwback. But eh, scrounging up pictures from 1998 and getting them into the computer proved to be harder than expected. Whoops. 


  1. Dang girl, you have had some great birthdays. And I'm with you, you get an ENTIRE MONTH for you birthday, not one day.

  2. A 007 party sounds like a ton of fun! Love that idea =)