Thursday, September 19, 2013

Better Late Than Never

...aka my personal mantra. 
Well, that and "fake it till you make it".

Two days ago, Erin had a really fun link up going on
but in true Marianna fashion, I missed it.
I still want to participate regardless of my tardiness
so here goes.

Vacationing in Orlando or vacationing in NYC
NYC hands down. No question asked.
I like Orlando and all but if I had to choose it would be New York every time.

iPhone or Droid
iPhone forever and ever amen.

NSYNC or Backstreet Boys
NSYNC easy peasy.
I mean, I love BSB, but if I had to choose JT wins.
Ramon noodle hair and all.

Being forced to delete Facebook or forced to delete Twitter
Facebook. In fact, if someone could come and force me to delete it
right now that would be great. 
Because clearly I have no will power to do it myself.
Regardless of how much I hate it.

Fireball or Miller Light
Miller Light is one of my least favorite beers (sorry Erin)
so  Fireball would have to win. 
Though I have a feeling if that was all I had to drink 
life would be pretty rough.
That stuff hits ya hard.

Full House or Family Matter
Is this a real question?
Full House, duh.

Dumbledore or Gandolf
Who's Gandolf? Just kidding
although he definitely shouldn't be in a category with Dumbledore.
Come on now.

Dying Easter Eggs or Carving Pumpkins
I kind of, sort of hate both.
But I hate carving pumpkins less.
Especially if by "carving" pumpkins 
you mean "painting" pumpkins.

All of the above. 
Typically I'm a college football girl all the way.
But thanks to Sarah, and a little thing called Fantasy Football,
I have become ah-bsessed with the NFL.
Even Robbie told me I needed to cool my jets,
and that's big.

A hangover forever or sobriety forever
Will I sound like a complete alchy if I say hangover forever?
As long as I can nurse that forever hangover with chicken minis
and Friday Night Lights marathons on the couch
I'll be a-okay.

January or July
I don't think this one needs an explanation.

Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus
Hannah Montana.
That girl was hilarious. 
And didn't lick sledgehammers.
She had the best of both worlds, how could I not choose her?

Shark Week or Fashion Week
Shark Week terrifies the bajeezus out of me.
Fashion Week makes me feel like that pimple-faced, four-eyed girl 
who hadn't yet learned the importance of a flat iron or properly fitted jeans.
So can I say neither?

Fresh Prince of BelAir or Saved by the Bell
Thanks to Nick at Night
I don't have to choose.

Britney or Christina
It's Britney bitch 
every. single. time.

Burrito or Burrito Bowl
You had me at burrito.
I am not picky about what form it comes in.

Reading blogs on your phone or reading blogs on your computer
My computer should be the answer,
but 99.5% of the time I end up reading blogs on my phone
because I'm lazy AF and always have my phone handy.

Angelina or Jennifer
Again, I just don't think this is fair comparison.
Brad Pitt is clearly the only person in the world 
that would choose Angelina in this scenario.

Doug Funny or the Rugrats
Gah. I loved them both.
My brother and I were obsessed with all things Rugrats though
so I guess that's what I'll choose
since it was "our" thing and all.

An open mouth chewer or a heavy breather
I want to kill both equally.
However, I can turn my eyes away easier than I can my ears.
So if I have to choose, open mouth chewer.
Plus I eat lunch with 20 first graders every day 
so my tolerance has been built up pretty good.


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