Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm from the country, and I (kind of) like it that way.

Okay, that title is a lie. I'm only kind of sort of from the country.

And while I like my "country" roots, I definitely don't feel like they define me. I'm probably the furthest thing from a country girl as you can get. And I tend to stay amazed at certain "country" things.

For instance, one of my friends recently moved out to the country, about ten minutes from our school. In the three weeks that she's been there, she's had random(ish) neighbors show up to mow her lawn, bring over supper, and drop their kids off to play. Don't get me wrong. There is definitely something heartwarming about the simplistic, laid back atmosphere of the country.

And growing up, I am pleased to say that even I experienced and enjoyedmy fair share of redneck country things.

I have gotten a stick shift Jeep Wrangler stuck in the mud.
I have shot a shot gun.

I have walked barefoot to the connivence store down the street and charged my candy corn to our "family" account.
I have watched a baby calf grow to a full grown horse. (I did not watch the baby calf be born. That is where I draw the line.)
I've gotten stuck behind more tractors, trailers, plows, etc. than I can count.
One time I even got stuck behind a herd of cows.

I have shucked corn.
I have run barefoot through a tobacco field. (Apparently being barefoot seems to be a common theme.)
I have set up "house" in an old abandoned barn, using center-blocks for tables and chairs.
I have a deer head hanging in my house.

I drive by cornfields and farms every day on my way to school....and on the way back home to my suburban house. Driving 30 minutes to the nearest grocery store, seeing neighbors riding 4-wheelers back and forth to each other's houses, and having a "land line" because you don't get cell service in your house will never be "normal" things for me. I do, however, feel so lucky to live in a place where I can experience these things - from a distance.

And for those of you whose hearts go pittah-pattah every time you see field full of hay-barrels, I definitely see the draw. The country is a pretty neat place.



  1. My heart is so torn between my love for the city and my desire for the country...I hear ya!

  2. I did a lot of these things in my small town growing up too... it wasn't country, but my childhood best friend and I still marvel at the simplicity, and at how close we were to the actual country. It's funny, but she has consistently moved further away from that life, while I'm drawn more and more near to it.