Monday, September 16, 2013

Mondays are for Photo Dumps

This weekend recap starts on Wednesday because as far as I'm concerned,
my weekend started on Wednesday.
I still went to work on Thursday and Friday,
don't be silly.

But Wednesday night involved wayyyyy to many chips and salsa
and just enough wine that it counts as a weekend night,
despite the bright and early wake up call I had Thursday morning.

Story of my life.

Willow Worm helped me get all my lesson plans done by Thursday.
Such a nice feeling.

Thursday night involved breakfast for dinner
and gluten free chocolate chip pancakes the size of my head.

Saturday morning we woke up like a school morning for the ECU football game.
And let me tell you what, tailgating at 7:30am never gets easier.

FREE chicken minis help though.

As do Pirate creme filled donuts.
(Nothing I ate this day was gluten free, in case you can't tell.)

And of course, fun girl friends is an added bonus!

Sunday was spent recovering from my self proclaimed long weekend
and gearing up for another week ahead.
Oh and apparently missing out on the biggest thing to hit Target since...ever?
I don't know - I'm still not 100% sure who Philip Lim is
and I'm definitely not 100% convinced that I'll love his bag more than my beloved Longchamp. 

Food, drinks, football, friends.
I'm starting to sense a theme for my weekends.
And I'm not hating it!! 

Sami's Shenanigans



  1. Nice blog post!! What are chicken minis? The pancakes looks good! You are my LU buddy on WS LU. I like to try to say hi to my neigbours:) Have a great day.

  2. I feel so old when I remember days of drinking at 9am in the name of school spirit, or a "wild night" meaning more than one beer or glass of wine... chips and salsa I can get down on EVERY TIME though!