Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Lied.

Yesterday I said I would be back with something a little more upbeat.
I promised I would step up off my soapbox and well...I just can't. Not quite yet.

No, I'm not here to bitch about pumpkins anymore.
I got that all out yesterday.

I'm not really here to bitch about anything.
Think of it as more "getting things off my chest".

Today I want to bitch, I mean talk, about quitting.
Apparently, quitters bug me a lot more than even I realized.
But it's recently been brought to my attention that it really bugs me.
Like a lot.
More than it probably should.
We'll go ahead and chalk this up to something else that I'm way more emotionally involved in than I should be.

But here's the deal.
Sometimes, things suck. Sometimes they suck a lot.
And sometimes, things suck so bad they're close to unbearable.

But that's when you put your big girls panties on and deal with it.

It's that simple.
Except really, it's not simple.
I get it. I've been there.
And sometimes you find yourself in pure survival mode. Just getting through one day at a time.
One step in front of the other.

But that's just get through it.
You get through it because you have to.
Because you've made a commitment to someone.
And backing out on a commitment is not, no way no how, an option. Ever.

As a teacher, I see a wiiiiiiiiiiide variety of kids.
With an even wider variety of struggles.
And while there are lots of things that I wish I could tell my parents (you know because I have such infinite wisdom when it comes to parenthood - ha sike) the one thing I wish every parent would do
and the one thing I hope to instill in my future children is this:

Don't give up. Don't back down. Don't quit. 

You wanted to play rec soccer last week? Great, we'll sign you up. But wait, you don't want to play this week? Too bad. The season will be over in 3 months. You made a commitment to your team and to your coach. You're going to follow through. Even if you don't love it right now, you're going to fulfill your commitment and then by golly, you never have to touch a soccer ball again.

Eventually, the issue isn't going to be something as simple as a kid soccer league.
It might be a job or a marriage.
Either way - you don't quit.
Yes, you may have to muddle through shit.
And yes, that sucks.
There's no other way to put it.
But you muddle.
You muddle because you have to.
Because people are counting on you.
Even if those people are shit heads and don't appreciate what you're doing for them even the littlest bit.

You don't quit.

And because I really don't want to be all loud and proud two days in a row, I'll leave you with this.
Robbie made me watch this commercial the other night and I literally cried.
Thanks Guinness. 

Happy Hump Dayyyyyyeeee!

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  1. I agree with all of this. It really bothers me when people quit in the middle of something, because they aren't instantly the best, or it isn't what they thought it would be.