Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mike Mike Mike Mike

Just so you know that hump day commercial will never get old.

I just realized that contrary to my belief,
I did not in fact have a post planned for today
whomp whomp.

But due to at least one regular reader 
(here's looking at you Jordan)
and the fact that today is quickly rising to the best day ever,
I couldn't let it slip away without it's own post.

Why is today the best day ever, you may ask?
Well....that commercial up there is a top reason.
Continually repeating HUMP DAYYYYY in your head 
can turn even the biggest of frowns upside down.

Also, today started with Dunkin coffee and donut balls.
A treat that is typically reserved for Fridays.
And all you pumpkin lovers
(aka: every one in the world minus me and Erin)
pumpkin donuts are back at DD and apparently delicious.
I wouldn't know because I didn't eat a single one.
In fact, I didn't eat any donut balls today 
because duh, they're not gluten free.
And while typically missing out on donuts would make me sad panda, 
today it only added to my good mood 
because I've been trying really hard to get back this little thing called 
self-control that football season has so rudely taken away from me.
Saying no to donut balls = the biggest form of self-control I can think of.

I did slurp my coffee down in 2.5 seconds flat
and have consumed two diet cokes in the past hour
so I'm all jacked up on caffeine which is no bueno, I know.
But it's making life pretty fun right now
as I flit back and forth between eleventy million different things.
Robbie's super thrilled as I'm sure you could imagine.

The final reason it's been a pretty awesome hump day,
Robbie and I are heading out to Trivia Night
as soon as I press "publish" on this here post
and I'm pretty souped up about it.

I suck at trivia 
but I love weeknight dates with Robbie and friends.
So there's that. 

Plus, I'm trying this new thing,
where I find all the little things in my days to be happy about
and focus on those, no matter how small they are,
instead of getting consumed with all the shit. 
I'd say today was a pretty successful day!

Now, go find things that make you happier than a camel on hump day.
If you look close enough, I bet you can find lots!