Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekends Done Right

24 is a weird place to be. 
Fun - but weird. 

Robbie and I are constantly in the middle of something.
We go back and forth from having college-like weekends
full of beer pong, tailgating, and hangovers
to weekends full of baby birthday parties, grocery shopping, and cleaning.
Both are equally enjoyable.
Just completely different.
24 is a weird place to be. 

Moving on...
This weekend was the latter of the two. 

Friday I made totally from-scratch, homemade gluten free pizza
and posted that shit all over Instagram,
because it was actually edible. 
Robbie didn't really like it (he ended up grabbing Subway) 
but gluten-free pizza is a little wonky by nature
so that was okay. 

Saturday we slept in and I made totally from-scratch, homemade gluten free pancakes.
I've been making these for a while but I never get unimpressed with myself.
They are so nummy.

That afternoon we put our party pants on 
and headed to the first, of two, birthday parties.

One of my good friends' daughter turned 5.
And I could barely handle the cuteness of her carnival themed birthday party.
I was so impressed with all the little details. 

Obviously, I only got pictures of the food stations
but there were carnival games set up all over.
Ring Toss, Bean Bag Toss, Bowling.
They even had a pinata.

Guess How Many Gumballs was my favorite though.
I helped one little boy write the number "one hundred, three thousand"
which I thought was a pretty sound guess.
Almost as good as the birthday girl's guess below

We didn't stay long enough to find out who was actually right
because we were off to birthday party number 2.

This one had a bouncy house
and minion cupcakes.
Pretty much the recipe for a good time.

My sweet little Bobby T turned 2 this weekend
and I still remember when his momma was big and preggers
with no power during Hurricane Irene.
Hard to believe that sweet cheeks is practically a little man.
And you'll notice that the majority of his party guests were cute little girls.
Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

That night Robbie and I had a completely kid-free evening.

Sunday was spent with another pancake breakfast,
church and lunch with mom and David,
football (as usual), and cleaning.

I also may or may not have put out my Halloween/Fall decorations.
As much as I want to boycott the season
as I feel like it got here way too early this year,
I was pretty excited to don a pair of leggings on Sunday without sweating my balls off.
It's the little things, I tell ya.

This weekend we're headed up to Raleigh to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday
and attend several college football games.

Stuck in the middle again.
24 is a weird, but GREAT place to be!


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  1. Sounds like a good weekend to me! Those birthday parties both look adorable! Also, have found the Pillsbury refrigerated GFree doughs? Pizza, pie/pastry & chocolate chip cookies. I haven't tried it, or read any reviews but you never know!