Wednesday, July 25, 2012

23 in 23 (a half?)

I'm linking up with Erin at Living in Yellow because 
a. I love her blog and b. I love this idea! 

I saw something similar on another blog a while ago and thought it was a really neat idea. 
I even had plans on creating my own list after that...but clearly I needed the push of a super fun linky to get my rear in gear. 

Cue Erin and her cute self. 

So here we go.
My mini bucket list of 23 things I want to accomplish in my 23rd year of life. 
(I said 23 and a half because my birthday was in April, so I'm a few months behind. I figured it was only fair to allow myself a teeny bit of leeway? Just to make up for lost time.)

1. Pay for the meal for the person behind me in the drive-thru line.

2. Run in the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis again

Mom and I at the race three years ago. Yes, you get to dress up in tacky dhristmas attire. Yes, it's in December so you usually fah-reeze your little tush off. But yes, it's for a good cause and everyone should do it.

3. Learn how to paddle board.

4. Create this. (With a picture of my own family, of course.)

5. Try (at least) 3 new recipes each month - including some Gluten-free meals.

6. Keep blogging. And maybe reach 200 followers?  Y'all rock....forreal!

7. Spend a rainy Sunday with my husband, Keith Urban style. ;)

8. Attend a professional football game.

9. Host a real dinner party, using my fancy china and crystal.

10. Get a puzzle piece tattoo. 

11. Finish 90 days of Insanity.

13. Attend church regularly.

14. Go to Wine & Design with my girlfriends. (And then kick myself for living in Raleigh for four years and never going to a class.) Done here. And so much fun btw.

15. Refinish a piece of furniture. Done here. :)

16. Leave an anonymous secret in a public library book for someone else to find. (Post Secret style.)

17. Babysit this sweet (soon-to-be) little nugget so his mommy and daddy can have a date night (on me). 

18. Surprise someone with something sweet. (Preferably our new fourth grade teacher I met tonight - she is the sweetest! but shh...don't tell.)

19. Vote.

21. Surprise my husband for real with The. Perfect. Gift.

22. Travel somewhere new.

23. Do all of these things and make a 24 in 24 list! :)

Now it's your turn. Go. Run, don't walk, (or rather click this link real quick) to Erin's blog and share what you plan to do in the next year! 
Stay tuned, because if I plan to accomplish #6, I'll need to be blogging about all my accomplishments!

P.S. That other blog I mentioned earlier? I remembered which one it was specifically. Click here to check it out! It's a good one! :)



  1. Your list is awesome. You're such a sweetheart! I really like your #1 though. I might just have to do that in the near future. <3

    xo Sara

  2. I love the idea of leaving a secret in a library book :) How cute!

  3. I loooooooooove the puzzle piece tattoo idea :) So glad I found your blog!


  4. I'm visiting from Erin's blog - love your list!

  5. I want to make one of those frames too! Too cute!:) New follower over from the link up!