Monday, January 14, 2013

Apparently it's Award Season

According to...well, everyone
Award season is among us. 
And yes it's a whole season,
just like winter, spring, summer, fall, and football. 

Except really, no one likes award season.
Especially the actual "awards" part.
It's fun for a little while,
but then you realize all the movies that are winning
are movies you've never even seen before,
if it's not an HBO show
it doesn't stand a chance,
and what the heck are all those "short films" and "mini-series" 
they talk about?
Unless it's one of those adorbs 
Pixar short films, I'm not interested.

Also, who exactly is choosing these winners?
Who the heck is "The Academy"?

However, thanks to E! we've all been given a reason 
to celebrate award season
and therefore, we're all tricked into thinking we enjoy it
(while also wishing we had Giuliana Rancic's job.)

What used to be a two-hour award show
has now been stretched into 
an hour live countdown,
a two-hour live from the red carpet event,
and an hour after party recap
in which we can find out who had a little bit too much champagne.
(However, none of that high dollar bubbly is coming at me through the TV
therefore, I'm not interested.)

Oh, and don't forget about the Fashion Police report that will come out
Special {insert awards show name here} Edition.

Now, don't get me wrong.
I do enjoy a good fashion recap. 
Particularly the heinous ones. 
And Joan Rivers is all kinds of hilarious.

I will also have my rear parked in front of each and every award show
over the next few months
because, let's face it, if E! says it's good
I believe them.
(Hence my Kardashian obsession.)

I'll also probably end up renting all the movies that win
since they aren't the movies I actually paid money to see in the first place
and I'll probably dislike them all 
(hello Hurt Locker)
but eh, 
it is what it is.

And folks, it's award season.


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