Wednesday, January 2, 2013


And just like that,
we've all been thrown back into reality.
The reality of waking up before the sun.
The reality of blow drying our hair
and ironing our clothes.

Even you lucky college kiddies
are stepping back into your form of reality,
which I miss 99.5% of the time.

The .5% when I'm not missing the reality 
that is being a college student
is when I think about having to buy text books 
at the start of a new semester.

$100+ for a used book? 
And that's a bargain. 
Talk about a draaaaag.

That is...until I hear about great companies like CampusBookRentals.
Who allow college students to rent their textbooks 
for a fraction of the cost.
Apart from maybe three education books,
I never wanted to keep a textbook.
What was I going to do, read up on Geology in my spare time?
Psh. Renting textbooks is such an easier option. 

And CampusBookRentals is the best
for several different reasons.

For one, their books cost 40%-90% less than bookstore prices.
(Math was definitely not my strong suit,
but even I know, saving 90% is a lot.)

Plus, their website is super user-friendly. 
All you do is type in the book you need 
and voila, there it is. 

When you click on the book you want to rent,
you'll see a due date listed.
But, if that date doesn't coincide with when you need the book
you can select your own date to return it.
And, it's free shipping both ways.
That means you don't have to pay for shipping
when you order it, or when you turn it back in.

Oh and for all you highlighter, color-coding, OCD nerds
(like myself)
even though you're renting the text book,
you can still highlight all those important facts. 

And while allllll of these things are great,
it's not even the best part.

an international charity that provides free cleft palate and cleft lip surgery
for children all over the world. 
This organization provides skilled, dedicated doctors 
to give children a chance at a better, healthier life,
one with many more smiles
(pun intended). 

When you rent your textbooks through CampusBookRentals,
part of the proceeds are going to Operation Smile.
Part of your money, 
that you were going to spend anyway on a ridiculously boring textbook,
is giving this child a better life.

Pretty cool, right?

If you're still not totally convinced, 
check out this video
that probably explains it better than I ever could.

Let's review.

if you're in college the rest of the "grown-up" world 
is ridiculously jealous of you
and you need to rent this semester's textbooks through

Cheap books. Check.
Easy checkout process. Check.
Good grades because you actually have the required book for the class. Check.
The chance to help a child in need. Check.

This folks, is what we call a win-win-win-win situation. 

Take it from me, the older 
and muuuuuuch wiser adult here.
You need to do this! 

Happy renting! 


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