Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thoughtful Tuesday

ping pong ping

That's the sound going on in my head right now.
As one trillion different thoughts bounce around. 
Think pinball machine circa 1980.

That was almost the title of this post bee-tee-dub. 
ping pong ping.
But then I decided that was kind of stupid.
So I went with something (hopefully) a little more clever. 

We've started assessments at school.
And let me just tell you...I don't know who hates them more.
Me. Or me. 
My kids definitely don't hate them, not at this age at least.

Although if they did....I imagine they would be somewhat like this.
David After The Dentist style.

For one, they have no idea what they're all about.

After I read an entire book to one of my students
because she couldn't even recognize one Kindergarten sight word
(I teach First Grade in case you forgot. 
That Kindergarten shiz should be under control.)
She looked up at me,
smiled brightly and said,
"I'm so good at this, right?"

For two, while I'm reading with individual students
the other 22 are going batshit crazy learning in centers. 

But you know what, 
those little tornados are just so darn cute.
Even when they're making you so stinkin angry. 

Like today,
while I was assessing,
 my kids (and assistant) set up our very own Skittle Factory
as part of our goods, services, wants and needs unit.
We had sorters, runners, baggers, supervisors, and pure madness. 

When I peaked in the room to make sure the squeals were 
"this is so much fun squeals" rather than
"she punched me in the face squeals"
I noticed one of my little worker bees,
laid back,
munching on the skittles she was supposed to be bagging.

And that my friends, 
is where the American work ethic begins.

She was "fired" because you can't eat the merchandise.
But secretly I was rooting for her.
I mean, hey, they're skittles
and completely irresistible.
I get it.
You go, Glen Coco.

Speaking of Glen Coco...
I watched The Notebook last night
before succumbing to the train wreck that is known as The Bachelor.

(I know that has nothing to do with Glen Coco,
but it's a movie I love to watch,
like Mean Girls,
and that's just where it went for me.
ping pong ping)

And I tell ya what,
I never get tired of that love story.
Noah Calhoun, yes please.

Speaking of things I never get tired of....
Pretty Little Liars.
Which is back on tonight. 
And all you loony-tunes who watched The Bachelor last night 
should definitely tune in to see some good,
quality television.

No crazy wedding dress girls here.
Just high school stalker/murders
and love affairs with English teachers.
Like I said, quality TV.

Also I never get tired of my puppy running up and down our hallway.
I swear, when I have kids in 15 years,
they better be able to entertain themselves as independently as that dog can.
I don't even have to throw the ball for her.
It's perfect.

Being self-sufficient is something we should all strive for.

On that note,
I gotta go.
Time for gluten-free chicken alfredo.
That's right....the yeast-free/dairy-free/gluten-free
(everything I love-free) 
thing is still going. 
How's that for an anti-New Year's Resolution.


P.S. Don't forget to get your outfits together for Thursday's Fashion Favorites link-up.
All the cool kids are doing it.

Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink


  1. We have started our assessments too- they are driving me crazy!

    ~Diving Into Learning

  2. Woohoo.. yay for still going gluten free.
    Also we start our benchmark testing tomorrow for the end of quarter 2. Kill me

  3. Hahahaha I died at the self sufficient kids part. Too good.