Thursday, January 24, 2013

Over It

So Beyonce lip sang the National Anthem?

A football player has some fake dead girlfriend.
who cares.

Prince Harry said something else offensive that real royalty would never say.
whatever that means.

It was 3 degrees below 0 in some places this week.
hasn't that happened before?

Lance Armstrong used drugs and lied about it.
who hasn't?*


Is it just me, or has the news just gotten completely ridiculous.
One of my fun facts the other day
was that I watch the news every morning,
but never really pay attention 
and therefore I don't know anything actually going on in the world.

At least I thought that was my problem.

Turns out, I wasn't out of touch with current events 
because I wasn't paying attention.

I'm out of touch with current events
because none of the news I watch is actually reporting real news.
Sorry Diane Sawyer.

But seriously, 
why is it a big deal that Beyonce used
a pre-recorded version of The Star Spangled Banner?

Why are we sooooo fascinated with an idiot football player
who decided to get a "relationship" with someone he had never actually met?

And more importantly,
why is everyone always hating on Prince Harry?

Sure, these things might be newsworthy for a little while.
But I shouldn't hear about them over and over and over again.

I believe there's a proverb for just this type of situation:

Don't make a mountain of a mole hole.

Yes, Channel 12 News. I'm lookin at you.


*I haven't. I solemnly swear.


  1. I hear ya...I stopped watching the Today Show because it started to feel more like an entertainment news show, rather than an actual news show.

    Watching the news and watching E! news are becoming pretty much the same thing.

  2. Good lord this is SO true. I can hear it once or even twice but for an entire week straight on every news channel? Come on mannn