Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello There

I'm filling in for my mom today.
She had a bit too much fun this weekend
and doesn't feel like blogging.
Plus also, she says she's got one million report cards to do,
whatever that means.

Oh, I'm Roxy by the way.
The other dog.

I know my sister gets a lot of attention around these blog parts
but don't let that fool you.
I'm really the favorite child.
I'm definitely the most well-behaved that's for sure.

Except for that one time last week.
I got a little too excited in dad's man cave.

Don't worry, mom was there to put me to shame.
She thinks this means I won't do it again
but chances are I will.
Sometimes poor choices come over me
and I just can't help it.

I don't know where those came from?
But don't let them fool you,
it's a rough life sometimes being a dog.

I've noticed mom's been trying to do all sorts of outfit posts lately.
She's ridiculous. 
And sometimes I still can't believe I actually live with her full time.

You see, it used to just be me and dad.
I mean she was always around and I always loved her.
But I was my dad's number one girl. 
I got to sleep in the bed next to him every night.
And I got to play with him whenever I wanted.

Now, he's all about her sometimes.
He still has his "all about me" moments.
I guess that's what happens when you're fabulous.

And really I don't mind sharing him with her.
Because she does let me crawl in bed with them when there's room.
And she wakes up with me in the morning to go potty.
We usually lay on the couch together to eat breakfast.
And she rubs this spot behind my ear that is just heavenly. 

Yea that girls alright.

Now the little white dog, 
is a whooooole other story.
I'm still getting used to her crazy antics.


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  1. your are a very well behaved girl and i am proud of you......grandmom