Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things that Burn My Biscuit

Particularly the dirty diaper
thrown in the parking lot of Target.

People on Twitter who
a. complain about their boyfriend all. the. time.
or b. are reading a book and decide to quote every other line.
Um, I'm not reading the book for a reason.
I don't need to see the whole synopsis in my newsfeed.

White shorts in January.
I get it. I live in Eastern North Carolina.
And this weekend we were blessed
with mid-70 degree, short-wearing weather.
However, just because it is hot enough to pull out all our summer clothes,
try to show some dignity.
Save the white shorts and spaghetti straps for at least March.

95% of the people featured on home improvement shows.
As of late, Robbie and I have become completely obsessed
with DIY Network and HGTV.
(I know, we're like 80.)
And I love watching shows like Property Virgins, Property Brothers, etc.
but I HATE when people go on those shows trying to buy a new house
and complain about the paint color on the wall.
Or the light fixture in the kitchen.
Or even the furniture in the house.
All of that can be changed, relatively easily.
I know not everyone wants a fixer-upper,
but if you're trying to buy a house
and expecting to walk into one
that already has everything just the way you want it,
you're an idiot.
End of story.

The fact that Fiesta Ranch Dip and Twizzlers are not gluten-free.
They're the only thing I miss.
That and sandwiches.

UNC fans.
I know that's cliche coming from a State girl,
But, basketball just brings out the worst in them.
I can't really handle it.

And because I hate to end a post on a sour note
I'll leave you with this.

Happy Hump Day!



  1. Ahhh, UNC fans burn my biscuit, too! Nothing worse! Another thing that gets me with HGTV/House Hunters is these people with a $400,000+ budget... what the heck do they do for a living?!

  2. Hahaha I loveee these types of posts. I am obsessed with hgtv too. I have been for years now. I grew a slight hatred when I found at all the house shows were 85% fake and that you can't go on until you're already in contract but whatever I don't know which one they'll pick so it's fine.

  3. I died laughing at the headline haha and I'm definitely going to have to borrow "burn my biscuit!" Too dang funny!

  4. Hahaha my Robbie and I have the same irritation as [4] (and obsession with HGTV). Sometimes you wonder where these people lived their whole lives that they don't realize paint/ fixtures/ furniture can't be changed... And from one state girl to another- even if we never played UNC again, their fan base will ALWAYS burn my biscuit!