Monday, April 1, 2013

1,000 Jellybeans

I never eat candy. Ever.
Valentine's chocolates don't make me swoon.
Christmas candy - eh?
Even when I was little, my Halloween candy would last for months.

However, yesterday I ate enough candy to make up for all
the previous holidays in my life.
And today I still feel about 10,000 pounds bigger than usual.


In other news,
I can't believe Easter 2013 has come and gone
and that today is the first day of the best month ever (aka April).

Besides 1,000 jellybeans
(and 250 peanut M&Ms, 50 Twizzlers, 300 chewy SweetTarts, 15 Milky Ways, 8 chocolate chip cookies, etc.)
my weekend consisted of slumber parties with the inlaws,

Easter egg dyeing with my favorite 10 year olds,

Gerbil/Puppy near death encounters,

Good Friday breakfast in bed from my sweet love muffin,

back porch sitting with three of my favorite guys,

modeling dogs,

and a "not very Eastery outfit" according to my mother for Easter Sunday church.


As for today, I am soaking in every second of Spring Break
(I promise not to mention it everyday this week, maybe)
And waiting for this cutie pie to show up at my front door.

And because I know she'll hate me for putting that picture up,
here's a different (slightly more serious) one.

Oh, and linking up with Sami!

I hope you have a fabulous Monday and don't fall for too many April Fool's jokes!



  1. Please don't post your spring break happiness everyday. Nah I am jk cause I am so jealous. I don't get a break till may and im already dying. I feel like even if you wanted to be a lilly up for easter the weather didn't cooperate! I wore a maxi dress so I could throw my jacks on!

  2. Easter candy is the best candy of the year. And I woke up today feeling the exact same way.

    ENJOY spring break! Hope it's as fabulous as you think it's gonna be, and that you don't get the Sunday blues.