Monday, April 15, 2013

23 in 23 Update....dun dun dun

A while ago the lovely Mrs. Erin at Living in Yellow
hosted this pretty fabulous/slightly terrible link up.
I saw pretty fabulous because it was a really fun idea!
But slightly terrible because I didn't do a very good job at completing my list. Whomp.

Since my birthday was last week I figured it was a good idea
to revisit this list and update all the things I've accomplished....
or uh, things I still want to accomplish. There's always next year.

In my defense - I started this list in July. So it hasn't been a full year.
So technically, I've still got 3 months to squeeze some of these in. 

Here we go.
My mini bucket list of 23 things I wanted to accomplish in my 23rd year of life. 

1. Pay for the meal for the person behind me in the drive-thru line. I am so ashamed to admit that I didn't do this. Seriously this was one of the easiest things on my list. However, as soon as I made this list, we also went on a "no eating out spending budget" and then I started gluten-free so really I hardly ever find myself in a drive through line. I promise to do it one day soon though!

2. Run in the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis againBoo. I didn't make this happen either. But I tried, so that kind of counts, right? The timing didn't work out. 

3. Learn how to paddle board. Nope. The majority of my time to work on this list ended up being when it was chilly. Although Robbie and I do have plans to go this summer. 

4. Create this. (With a picture of my own family, of course.)  Okay, this game is not fun anymore. I didn't get this done either.

5. Try (at least) 3 new recipes each month - including some Gluten-free meals.  Finally, something I can check off. I didn't try 3 new recipes each month. BUT I have tried a LOT of new recipes lately.  And I now plan out our weekly meals every Sunday and only buy what we need for those meals from the grocery store, cutting our grocery bill down by like $40. I'd say that's an accomplishment.

6. Keep blogging. And maybe reach 200 followers?  Y'all rock....forreal! 

7. Spend a rainy Sunday with my husband, Keith Urban style. ;) No surprise that this was able to happen, more than once.

8. Attend a professional football game. Didn't happen this season.

9. Host a real dinner party, using my fancy china and crystal. This was really only good in theory because I don't have a dining room table, yet. But, we have entertained lots of our friends in our new house, just sans fine china.

10. Get a puzzle piece tattoo. Oh yes I did! What can I say, I'm a rebel without a cause. Yes it hurt like a biotch. Yes I love it. No I don't want another.

11. Finish 90 days of Insanity. *crickets chirping* One of the girls at school started doing it at school in the afternoons, which was fun. And I managed to get through Day 1 with her. But that's about it. 

13. Attend church regularly. Robbie and I still haven't found a permanent church home but we have found a local church in town that we really enjoy.

14. Go to Wine & Design with my girlfriends. (And then kick myself for living in Raleigh for four years and never going to a class.) Done here with my number one girlfriend. And so much fun btw. 

15. Refinish a piece of furniture. Done here. :) Except now that piece of furniture isn't even in our house anymore. Whoops. That's what happens when your middle name is indecisive. 

16. Leave an anonymous secret in a public library book for someone else to find. (Post Secret style.) I am kicking myself right now for not doing this. I went to our public library for the first time in years, renewed my library card, and checked out The Great Gatsby for Bonnie's Blogging Book Club. But I didn't even think to leave a note. Don't worry, when I return The Great Gatsby it WILL have a secret in it!

17. Babysit this sweet (soon-to-be) little nugget so his mommy and daddy can have a date night (on me). This didn't happen (yet) either. He has too many grandparents hogging all his sugar. ;) But I did make them dinner right after they got home from the hospital. I feel like that was a pretty noteworthy, grownup thing to do. 

This is what that sweet little nugget looks like now. Melt my heart.

18. Surprise someone with something sweet. (Preferably our new fourth grade teacher I met tonight - she is the sweetest! but shh...don't tell.) This has kind of sort of happened. At the time of this original post, we had one new teacher at school. Since that time we have gotten seven more. Yea, it's crazy! And while I haven't necessarily done one particular thing, our school is really great about sneaking warm fuzzies whenever we can. (Hopefully if any of the "newbies" are reading this, they would agree.)

19. Vote. Done.

21. Surprise my husband for real with The. Perfect. Gift. Again, this kind of sort of happened. I don't think I've found The. Perfect. Gift. yet but my gift giving skills have been a lot better this year. (Hopefully Robbie agrees.)

22. Travel somewhere new. Unfortunately this didn't happen. 

23. Do all of these things and make a 24 in 24 list! :) A 24 in 24 list is still being determined. I didn't really do very well with this one so.....we'll see.


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  1. I need to go back and look at my lost. Giggled at the tattoo as I was only discussing with friends tonight that I would never get one really did hurt like a b$#ch!!!