Monday, April 8, 2013

Random Thoughts for Monday

- It's 2:33 and I am just now sitting down to blog. Whoops.

- I'm sitting down to blog outside on my newly remodeled porch (more pictures coming soon) finally enjoying some spring weather.

- But my MacBook Pro kind of sucks at being outside. All I can see is my reflection in my computer screen. Hay girl hay.

- I went into school today for 2 hours just to get my bearings straight for tomorrow. It was nice. And kind of made me feel like I have a real grown up job that doesn't confine me to the hours of 8:00-3:00.

- Today's the last day of Spring Break and I'm not as depressed about it as I thought I would be.

- I am, however, extremely depressed/terrified of having to wake up at 6:00 tomorrow. I am already dreading it and planning out my afternoon nap.

- It's Monday so I guess I should tell you about my weekend shenanigans. For this sole reason, Monday posts should be easiest. 

- I actually had quite a few shenanigans this weekend, however I suck at taking pictures. For this sole reason, Monday posts are always the hardest for me. 

Friday - Robbie surprised me with an overnight trip to Raleigh. We stayed in a fancy pants hotel, except it didn't have a mini-fridge, so we pretended we were boy scouts and improvised. 

We ate a fancy pants restaurant (Caroline Ale House) and spent romantical time together. It was fabulous. And I realized I hate Sauvignon Blanc.

Saturday - we went to the mall and mostly window shopped, you know because we're still not spending any money. Although I did splurge a little and get a super cute skirt. I wanted to sleep in it that night but Robbie didn't think that was the best plan.

We met up with the whole fam damily that night for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. We had ah-mazing seats. Unfortunately, we didn't win. And there weren't even that many fights. Buuuuuut there was quality time with my crazy family, free booze and fried food for everyone so that was great. 

There was also The. Cutest. little family sitting behind us. And by little I mean they had four kids, all their's, all under the age of 5. I was exhausted just watching them. Except not really...because they were cute and well behaved and the mom looked great. She didn't have one single bag under her eyes. My mind was blown. 

- My birthday's Wednesday. I'm pretty pumped about it I guess. Except for it's on a Wednesday, which is a school day. WhompOn the bright side, I'll get to listen to 23 first grade babies sing Happy Birthday cha-cha-cha!

- I am still addicted to Lost. Yet I, myself, am getting more and more lost as we go.

- That whole crock about "once you starting eating healthy food, unhealthy food isn't even appealing anymore". Yea, well that's kind of true. Robbie and I both decided to splurge this weekend since we were in Raleigh and it's my birthday, go shawty, except we both felt like crap the whole time. And by Sunday morning we were both craving fruits and veggies. We don't even like fruits and veggies, really.

- I'm out of random thoughts for today. Hopefully tomorrow's post will be more on track. 

- That last statement is doubtful, considering I'll be waking up at 6 AM tomorrow morning to wrangle 23 firsties. 

P.S. Go link up with Sami for some real shenanigans.



  1. good luck back at school tomorrow! Pirate Fest is this Saturday in Gville, y'all should totally come (I'll be there, so obviously it'll be awesome)!

  2. oh man. i have so many things to say after reading this post... i feel like we could really get along. :)

    YAY for a porch remodel (and my Mac does the same... boo for computer time on pretty days!) Looks like y'all had a great weekend! I love surprise getaways. Hope you're feeling super refreshed! :)

    happy monday!

  3. Awww look at little Willow! So darn cute! I hate you have to go back to the real world tomorrow - I had to go this morning and it wasn't fun!