Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

My favorite little Yankee blogger Erin 
did a post like this a few days ago
and I'm giving her credit so no one can accuse me of bloggery (aka blogging robbery)

Her post was inspired by some recent blogging/twitter drama
and I'll admit, while the teenage girl inside me still gets a little thrill
over innocently watching drama unfold, 
I really just kind of think it's ridiculous.

BUT - it did contribute to this post idea which I like so there's that.

Basically Erin made the point that there's Good, Bad, and Ugly to everything
and everyone.
This blogging community is no exception. 
So in the spirit of just throwing it all out there,
here's my own personal Good Bad and Ugly.

The Good
1. I was kind of sort of a "goody two shoes" in high school. I never got in any real significant trouble.
2. I have really good time management skills (when I want to) and impeccable self control. 
3. My brother and I have been best friends since the day he was born. We never fought.
4. I'm crafty.
5. I've always been really good at setting goals and finding a way to reach them, hell or high water.

Bonus Number 6. (because I'm just that good) I apparently am pretty darn good at picking a bracket. Remember that sparkly, sports gu-ru Sarah over at Venus Trapped in Mars? I came in second place in her bracket challenge!! And you know what they say - first is the worst, second is the best (even though the first place winner is pretty cool too.)

The Bad
1. I am horrible at remembering important dates.
2. I have a hard time saying no and constantly bite off more than I can chew because of this.
3. I am not, no way, no how a morning person and have a really hard time functioning before 9:30am.
4. I can't sit still without falling asleep. If I'm not doing at least two things at once, I get drowsy.
5. I can go weeks without putting away clean laundry. In fact, there's a pile (neatly folded) currently occupying my living room couch.

The Ugly
1. I am very opinionated, and while I like to think I'm good at listening to other people's opinions, I really just think everyone else is wrong 95% of the time.
2. I don't always use a filter. Especially after a couple drinks.
3. I'm judgy. Always just in my head (or to Robbie) but judgy none the less.
4. I don't like to "clean" but I like to "organize". If everything is neatly in it's place, I won't be bothered by the inch of dust residing on the furniture.
5. I don't have a ton of patience and sometimes this makes me get snappy. Even when I don't mean to be snappy.

Whew. That is freeing. 

Have a happy Thursday loves! 
And remember despite the bad and the ugly things that can be found anywhere
there is always, always, always some good in there too. 



  1. I saw this on Erin's blog and loved it! Evidently I'm out of the loop because I don't know what the heck went down on Twitter that caused so much drama. I, too, am an organizer - not a cleaner!

  2. WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. We really are. I was a goody two shoes in high school. Never grounded, never in detention, cried when I got my first B.

    I always think I'm right and you're wrong. Whoops. Judgy - duh. And no filter after drinking, yeah that's gotten me into some trouble.

    And I have never looked at the cleaning/organizing thing that way before but that is SO me too! I don't need clean floors, I just need there to be nothing out of place lying on them.

  3. i'm so judgy, i feel bad about it but really who's not, mine just slips outta that mouth with a limited filter. the way i see it if people don't like what i've got to say they should hear whats running through my head.

  4. I honestly put not having a filter under the list of good things about a person. Keeps life much more interesting!