Monday, April 22, 2013

W is for Weekend

and M is for Monday.
One of those letters obvs makes me happier than the other.
(Hint: It's not the M.)

But Mondays do mean I get to recap my wonderful weekend fun 
so there's that.


was a rainy, stormy day,
500 degree, 300% humidity and all.
We spent a lot of time "illustrating" poems
and listening to Justin Bieber radio on Pandora at school.

That night we drove to Kinston to see our famous little actor 
in the Wizard of Oz.

He was the coroner and a Flying Monkey 
(who actually flew around the stage, which was pretty terrifying).

If you've been paying attention,
my life's been on Oz overload lately. 
But I don't think I could ever be on Josh overload.

He's seriously the best
and will be on broadway one day, 
just y'all wait.


felt like three days in one.
ECU had their Purple/Gold Spring scrimmage
so of course, we headed to Greenville bright and early to get our tailgate on.
I always forget how comical it is watching the boys
set up all the stuff. 

Robbie stayed at the game 
and I went to the cutest one-year-old's birthday party.

That's Thad, my cousin, Riley's baby
aka the cutest one-year-old I know.

I mean, seriously.
That's me and Thad, wearing my gift to him.
Just call me the coolest cousin ever.

Despite all those presents, playing "bartender" was still his favorite game.

After I left the party, I went antiquing with my dad, step-mom, and grandma.
My dad and grandma have always had a love for antiques
(coincidentally so does Robbie's mom)
and growing up my Grandma would always take me and cousins to scour through antique stores.
I hated it then, but have found myself loving more and more antique pieces.

I came away with this...

Despite what the chalkboard top currently says,
it is not a reference to Sex and the City "coloring".
I originally saw this and thought it would be perfect for a little kids' room.
But since we don't have a little kid 
it's currently housing my craft stuff.

I also got a cast iron fireplace set
and while we'll probably actually never build a real fire
thanks to my hot husband,
who literally, is always hot,
it still looks snazzy sitting on our hearth!


After hearing the most amazing sermon at church,
I speedy quick cleaned my house
(slash made it semi-presentable for the upcoming week)
and then helped watched my dad landscape some of our backyard.

I hate yard work. 
And have never been a big flower/plant person.
I kill everything and honestly can't tell the difference between flowers.
A plant is a plant is a plant.
But I've been wanting something in our backyard 
that's actually alive and beautiful.
And since my dad gets the biggest thrill out of growing things
we knew he was just the man for the job.

And y' looks so good. 
We've still got some work to do.
But I am already in love
(and I don't even love flowers).

Clearly, the girls were a huge help.

That night I painted my nails,
which is worth adding to my weekend shenanigans list 
because that's a big accomplishment.

I hope y'all had a fun-filled weekend.
Go link up with Sami and tell us all about it!

Oh and Happy Earth Day folks!



  1. so sad we couldn't make it to the spring game. and omg Thas was my great-granddaddy's name, so glad it is still being used!! And how funny that you got him that TMNT shirt, I literally just bought it for Sawyer at Target on Saturday haha. Happy Monday friend!

  2. and by Thas, I obviously mean Thad* oops haha

  3. Wow! You had a jam-packed weekend! Happy Monday, girl!