Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Have I Ever

I loved this game maybe a little too much in college and high school.
Because it's still adult spring break and my birthday month
and day drinking is completely acceptable and necessary on adult spring break
just ask Whitney
I knew I had to participate in one more round of 

Never Have I Ever...

1. Had a jager bomb. Or had any desire to have a jager bomb. Blegh.

2. Read the Hunger Games. Although I have been tempted after watching the movie.

3. Liked baby peas. They make me gag. Every. Single. Time.

4. Lived completely by myself.

5. Changed a flat tire. Though I do know how to check my oil.

6. Owned a cat.

7. Been able to remember anything involving numbers. My mom changed her house number a few years ago and I still have to look it up in my contacts to call her. 

8. Mowed a lawn or worked in retail.

9. Missed my PC. I'm a total Apple-aholic.

10. Won a March Madness Bracket Challenge. Although I did get really close one time in high school.

Speaking of March Madness Bracket Challenges, it's obviously too late to join one now,
however it's never too late to go read Sarah's blog
and learn all things sports-related.
Seriously, your manfriend/husband will love you for this
and you'll love her, because she's funny and makes sense.
Plus, there's glitter on her blog.
Go say hey!


And then head over to Nadine's blog and link up for Never Have I Ever!
Move it!



  1. I adored this game in college! I HATE jager bombs, bleh they taste like cough syrup and you're super blessed to never have worked in retail, I worked at a boutique and Express during college and loathed every single minute of it.

  2. I definitely loved this game too much in college too, hence the link up! You just have to read the hunger games. It's so much better as a book than a movie. And way to go on not working retail. It's alarmingly hard work and I did not love it. I'm making it a life goal to try to never mow a lawn. I dont' know why but it looks like the absolute worst chore. Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  3. Oh my gosh, you're never had a Jagger bomb? You aren't missing much. Smart girl!

  4. You've never mowed a lawn?? Crazy! I haven't mowed one since I was a kid, but that was a common chore for us back then. I've never lived by myself either. I went straight from living with my parents, to living with my grandparents, to married.