Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ABC easy as 123.

So, little Mrs. Preggers Kaitlyn over at Wifefessionals,
plus some other pretty fabulous bloggers,
has this pretty cool link up going on right now.

Maybe I just think it's really cool because I love all things having to do with the ABCs
(hello First Grade teacher...)

Or it could be because Robbie and I kind of suck at dating.
I mean, we both enjoy the dates we go on
but we'll be the first to admit,
there is nothing unique or creative about them. 

Either way this is pretty cool.
Basically, each week will focus on one letter of the alphabet.
You think of something creative to do with that letter 
and link it up.

So this week is focusing on the letter E.
Which at first could be pretty tricky,
cause vowels are hard. 

But this was actually pretty easy for me.
So I decided to run with it.

Robbie and I love to go out to eat. 
So obviously, E is for eating.

But since we want to get creative with this whole alphabet dating game,
instead of going out to eat at just one specific restaurant, go to lots!!
Pick a different restaurant for each "course".
For example, go to one place for drinks and appetizers.
Another for your main meal.
And another for dessert.

Downtown New Bern is on the waterfront and has a lot of great restaurants all within walking distance.
Something like this would be absolutely perfect for a breezy summer night.


I think this is where I show off me and my main squeeze
experience this Letter E date.
Unfortunately - last weekend consisted of birthday parties, movies, and football
which isn't really that unfortunate,
except none of that starts with E
or has anything to do with eating at ten different restaurants in one night.

However, I'm still linking up, because I would love to hear if any of you have done or plan on doing something like this.
I also have every intention of making this happen for me and the mister in the near future.
Stay tuned!

Happy Hump Day dudes!


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  1. I'm glad you guys came up with a concept, but sad you haven't implemented it quite yet! Hope it turns out exactly the way you are envisioning it!