Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I grow up I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies...

(Anyone else sing that Pussycat Dolls song whenever you think about growing up?
No, just me? Cool.)

Two of my most favorite ladies are hosting this link up today
and obviously I had to participate
one, because I love them duh
and two, because I love when someone else tells me what to blog about.

Plus also, I love dreaming about what I want to be and do when I grow up.
Seriously, I've been dreaming about being a grown up my whole life.
I was that girl for sure.

And now that I've reached my first round of grown up dreams,
you know be a teacher, find a husband, own a house, blah blah blah,
I love dreaming about my second round of grown up dreams.
You know, what I'm going to do when I'm an actual grown up
because despite what my birth certificate says,
there's no way I'm even close to being a real grown up right now. Psh

Two Thirds Hazel

1. I'll be a morning person. I'm convinced one day it'll happen.

2. I'll be a stay at home mom. Real Housewives of Craven County holla at ya girl.

3. I'll eat real vegetables. Not just corn, cucumbers, and zucchini.

4. I won't be scared to go to the doctor by myself.

5. I'll know how to do my own taxes.
Except probably not really because my mom's a baller CPA and she loves me.

6. I'll make a budget and actually sort of kind of stick to it.

7. I'll actually have enough money worth budgeting.

8. I'll still throw back one too many margs with my besties.

9. I'll remember deadlines without having to leave myself 345982 sticky note reminders.

10. I'll love my honey as much as Shay's cutie patootie grandparents do.
(I imagine if my grandpas were still alive, they'd be the same way.)


What will you do or be when you grow up?
Go see Erin or Whitney and link up, ya hear?

Oh, and while you're there. Pass a long a friendly, jealous-filled "hate you" for all the fireball, tutu, NYC fun they're about to have over the next few days. 


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