Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Out of Body Expereinces

Do you ever have moments
where you think back at something you've done and think
"Who the hell was I?"

And no, I don't mean the regretful drunken college decisions you may or may not have made.
But those things that aren't "typical" you.
Those things that make you smile on the inside and think,
yep, I did that.

Getting my belly button pierced was one of these moments.
Although, looking back that is kind of typical.
It was my 18th birthday and I had been talking about it forever.
No one thought I actually would.
I was kind of a wuss.
But I did and I took it like a champ.
(The big, tatted up man who did it might have a different story but don't believe a word he says.)

Or when my best friend and I picked up and drove to Virginia our senior year
to visit her kind-of, sort-of college boyfriend
and his roommates who we had never even met.
This is shocking for several reasons.
One. I have zero sense of direction. Nada.
And the fact that this was pre-GPS days makes the fact that we arrived in one piece pretty darn impressive.
Two. I'm funny about staying overnight at new places.
I am not a "sleep where you fall down" kind of girl.
In college I spent just as much time figuring out how I was going to get home from a party
back to my own comfy bed
as I did on what I was going to wear.
Three. These guys were hipsters before hipsters were even really a thing.
My friend and I...were no where close.

I was also a stage hand one time...kind of.
Somehow, in high school, I ended up in charge of the lighting
for the Civic Theater's production of Peter Pan.
That's right, those big spotlights that follow the actors around,
I was in charge of that.
It was pretty cool.
And surprisingly pretty easy.
And again, something I would never be pegged to do.

Granted, none of these things are really that amazing
or even that far-fetched.
But they are reallyyyyy out of character for me
and always kind of surprise me when I think back on them.

What have you done that shocks and awes even you?


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