Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"BOO...and I mean it!"

I've been boo-ed!
(Like a week ago...I know, I suck.)

But I'm real excited!
Because I feel like I haven't posted much about school lately.
Well, at least not about the actual things happening at school lately.

October is always the month were things zoom into warp speed. 
As the end of the first quarter approaches, 
final grades are being calculated, 
parent conferences are being held,
long-range planning is underway.
Nevermind all the fun, holiday-themed events going on.
It's a lot to squeeze in.

And with Halloween falling smack dab in the middle of the week this year,
I really want to find some fun, but practical
things for my kiddies to do.

So here's the way this works.

1. Give a shout out to the blogger who boo-ed you and link back to their site.

You can check out the ah-mazing blogger who boo-ed me by clicking HERE.
Seriously, she has some seriously great stuff on her blog!
You won't be disappointed.

2. Share 3-5 October activities, books, products (yours or someone else's), and/or freebies that you love!

So, since I don't really have any products of my own,
(I steal borrow everything I know)
I'll leave you with some of my favorite spooky things!

First, I love love love this idea.


Children's books are so great!
I love pulling my kids together on the carpet
for a read aloud.
And they love it too! 

Second, anything having to do with candy corn
is like music to my heart.

I mean, how stinkin cute is that?
(I couldn't find the exact blog post that this came from,
however I know it came from this delightful blog HERE
and she's got a TON more really cute FREE stuff.
Check it out, forreal!)

I also found a really cool iPad app that has spooky background music. 
My kids love to listen to music 
(Pandora has a special place in our hearts)
and this app is really cool because it lets you kind of compose your own spooky music.
Oh yea, and it was FREE.

It's called Halloween Sound Shelf.
(Apparently, there's a Christmas one too.
Shut the front door.) 

There's a ton more that I love.
My kids this year are so excited about Halloween.
They love monsters and zombies and spooky things.
So, we're definitely playing it up in our room.

Last year, I had my kids publish* a book of writing
about a haunted house.
It turned out really cute and spent the rest of the year in our classroom library.
Kids would literally fight over who got to read it during Read to Self.

*By publish, I mean they typed it
and I bound it using those little black spirally things
that I secretly hate.

Now, you all need to go check out this link

to see all the other spook-tacular teachers that have been boo-ed
and continue to beg, borrow, steal!
You know you want to!


And Happy (almost) Halloween. 
By the way, as of Sunday, we've completely changed our mind on Halloween costumes. 
Stay tuned, because they are suuuuuuper cute if I do say so myself!

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