Monday, October 15, 2012


I swear the weekends are getting shorter and shorter.

The Walking Dead started last night
(in case your Facebook/Twitter account didn't already tell you that 20 different times.)
I know I've mentioned it before, 
but I just never will get the fascination.
Robbie, however, has been sucked in.
Which I guess is okay.
At least one of us will know what to do 
during the zombie apocalypse.

Speaking of zombies,
am I the only one that feels like a walking zombie this morning?
I sure hope not. 
Here's to hoping my kids feel the same way.

This weekend was definitely one for the books.
I love busy, fun, fall weekends.
But boy, do I suffer the consequences on Mondays.

Friday was Robbie's Homecoming football game.
It was fun to go back and see everyone
but it's always a little weird to see how different,
yet completely the same,
everything is.

Saturday was football day,
as usual.
And we finally had beautiful, football-appropriate, weather.

I'm not quite sure why football games are always so blurry...

{The first home game of the season was 110 degrees, literally. 
The second home game of the season got delayed because of stormy weather.
Of course, we sat through them both, because that's what true fans do
so I'm told.}

The Pirates also won, 
which is always a good thing!
And it was homecoming.
Double score.

Sunday was MumFest day
aka one of the top ten days of the year.

MumFest is an annual festival in downtown New Bern.
It's your usual, 
rickety ride-filled,
homemade knick-knack booths
And it. is. wonderful!

Robbie and I are huge MumFest fans.
We never spend a lot of time there
and we haven't ridden any rides since high school.
But we still always go,
walk around and make sure we see everything,
and order fried Oreos. 

Occasionally we even act like tourists
in the town we grew up in
by taking pictures with one of the many bear statues around.

Okay, maybe that's just me.

I was also able to squeeze in one of my students' baseball game
and shish-kabobs on the grill Sunday night.

Overall, it was a fabulous weekend.
Now if I could just have an extra day to sleep.


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