Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesday (On Time)

Round 2 with Kay and Allie
and I'm actually on time!

Last week, you met my hunk-a-burning love, Robbie.

This week, it's all about date night.
And I have to admit, 
you're probably going to want to go ahead and refer 
to the other girls' ideas of date night,
because I'm not really sure we do it right. 

Robbie and I both bounce back and forth 
between being lazy homebodies
to social butterflies. 

Most of the time, our idea of a perfect night together
involves sitting at home in our jammies with the pups.
(I know, way too much excitement to handle).
We love to watch movies
and have been known to spend too much time on the couch 
glued to a movie marathon.

When we do go out, 
we usually like to go out with other people
so I don't think that really counts as "date night".

We'll go out to eat a lot,
or go to the movies,
or go pick up ice cream.
Sometimes, we'll spend the day shopping in Greenville.
Lowe's became a pretty regular "date night"
spot there for a while.
Oh, the joys of home renovation.

We've only been married a little over a year
and I think we're still in that phase 
where we just like doing everything together.
So we don't really have old-fashioned date night 
like we used to when we actually were dating.

I have already decided though,
that when we have kids
(in 10+ years, of course)
We'll have "official" weekly date nights 
without the kids.

{Sidenote: Robbie's parents (who have been married for 20+ years)
have Robbie and then 10-year-old twins.
Crazy age difference, but it's so fun.
Anywho....when we were in high school
and the twins were like 4, 
his parents would have date night every Thursday night.
Sometimes, they'd get a babysitter (usually Robbie)
and go out somewhere fun.
But sometimes, they would do something as simple
as putting the kids to bed early and watching Survivor together.
It was like their designated time together, no matter what.
Which I think is important. 
And probably one of the reasons they've been together so long.}

Meet Josh and Delanie - the funnest twins you'll ever know.

I'm eager to read what fun things y'all do for date night.
So be sure to link up and share!


Sidenote: Sorry I didn't completely follow the rules on this one. On time but not right....ugh. I'm half way there to having my act together!

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