Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Leafy, Green Vegetables

Apparently I need a few more of them in my diet.

If you know me at all, 
you know that I really have very little sense when it comes to healthy nutrition.
I mean, I try to make good dietary choices. 
Like portion control.

And only eating when I'm hungry.
Not just because I'm bored...
(that's still kind of a work in progress.)

And exercising regularly.
(that's still kind of a work in progress too.)

And having a kick ass metabolism.
(I'll admit, that's my favorite...)

I don't eat a lot of salt,
or greasy red meat 
(except for my weekly cheeseburger)
and I drink a ton of water.

I'm not a huuuuuuge junk food junkie.
But I like what I like.
Which usually comes in the form of a carb.
Or ranch dressing.

What I like definitely does not look like 

Remember that lovely doctor's appointment I had last week.
Well, apparently that appointment is just like a gift that keeps on giving.
(A sucky gift that keeps on giving sucky things.)

I got my test results back and apparently my potassium is low.
Which means I need to eat a lot more "bananas and leafy green vegetables".

Really, all this makes me think of is 
"Honey We Shrunk Ourselves"
particularly min 8:00 
when Mitch passes out because of his potassium deficiency. 

I can deal with the bananas. 
They're not my favorite, but I can manage.
The leafy green vegetables, though, might pose a bit of a problem. 

According to this delightful little list here,
I was going to start trying gluten-free recipes
(that didn't even come close to happening).
I guess now I need to start trying leafy green vegetable recipes.

Guess it's time to turn to my old friends,
Jessica Seinfeld, a puree, and the art of deception.



  1. I am so not a vegetable person!
    I am a new follower & thought maybe you could give my blog a look?

    kristin noel

  2. I am the same way, I could do without the veggies, good luck, you can do it! :)