Wednesday, October 3, 2012

That's what (blogger) friends are for

Do you ever feel like the people you work with
are rubbing off on you?
Because I'm starting to feel that way.
Only by people I work with,
I don't mean the wonderful ladies that I share weekly margaritas with.
Oh no, I mean the sweet first grade babies that I spend 8 hours a day,
5 days a week with.
I think they're rubbing off on me.

Like the other day, I ate half an apple,
got full, and thought it would be a good idea to just stick in my lunchbox for later.
Total first grade move.
It turned brown and smelly really quick.
Yea, my lunchbox still hates me for that one.

Or when I decide to tell a reaaaaaally funny joke,
that's really not funny at all.
But I, and every other 7 year old, dies laughing.
{Why was 6 afraid of 7? 
Because 7, 8, 9.
Get it? Pure gold I tell ya. 
Move over Dane Cook.}

Anyway...sometimes I just feel like my brain
(and maturity level)
are losing years instead of gaining them.
But hey, I can't say I hate it.

But because this thing called blog land is so fun and fabulous,
I'm able to call on my BBFFs (blogger best friends forever, duh) in these times of need.
Because my first grade brain just cannot handle a blog post right now.

Just for the record, I'm not 100% that our BBFF status is mutual.
I am 100% sure that I just love this blog and know you will too.

Meet Taylor.
She has a cutie patootie dog, a smart mouth (which is definitely a good thing), and a hilarious blog.


Hey friends of Marianna!

I'm Taylor and I blog over at The Daily Tay.
And if I could go back in time I would think of a title
that is ten times more creative than that. Heck, I would even settle for five times more creative.
I started my blog on a whim and remember thinking, this title will do for now.
Four years later, it's still do-ing.

So yeah, I can see this photo is a bit blurry.
But it's one of the few photos I have of just myself, which is not a good thing
when it comes to guest posts.
 I think I'm supposed to give you like five super cool
photos that should entice you to want to come check out my blog/life.
But unfortunately I don't take many photos of myself, I'm getting better though...
However, if you'd like to check out the life of a super cool dog, well then we're in luck.

Meet my BFF, Harlow.
I took this photo this last week when we went out on wine run together.
Harlow loves going to the liquor store with me.
(Only because they give him bacon treats, he's not 21!)
What kind of parent do you think I am?
Harlow and I live in Chicago, with our other BFF, Chris.
Chris and I have been dating for about five years.
One of these days we're going to take the next step, I just know it.
And by next step I'm talking about matching tattoos, obviously.

So there you have it.
I blog about Harlow, Chris, and our life together in Chicago.
I also tend to throw in some celebrity updates, reality TV trash, and anything Honey Boo Boo related.
But I certainly will not be blogging about politics.
Even in a sarcast/completely joking manner.
I learned that lesson the hard way a few posts ago... And I'm still receiving the hate mail.
On that note I should warn you that my sense of humor should be taken with a grain of salt.
My "sassy tongue" has been getting me in trouble since I could talk-
according to my mom, anyway.
I for one think it's taking me places...
 Stop by and see for yourself!
But first I'll leave you with one more photo of Harlow.

(I'm actually wearing this scarf right now. Yea, we share clothes. That's not weird at all...)

The Daily Tay


What did I tell ya,
she's great!
Go visit her now!


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