Friday, October 12, 2012

Mema Strikes Again

Well folks, 
my sweet, sweet mema

Remember her? Seen here rocking out at the Strawberry Festival.

has done it again.

Remember THIS post.
involving this letter.

Well, my mother decided it would be a good idea
to enlighten my delightful mema
to my delightful blog.

This introduction 
(plus the fact that she was mentioned on the blog)
warranted a phone call bright and early Sunday morning.
Followed by a thank you note on Monday.
Which read
(and I quote)

"Thank you so much for the - [is it Google??] you did about me."

Well mema, you are so very welcome 
for the Google (it's called a blog actually) that I did about you.

Thank you for continuing to brighten our days 
with little nuggets of snail mail. 

And for continuing your political advocacy
by spreading the word, one person at a time.

A die-hard Carolina fan and a die-hard Duke fan brought together
thanks to mutual political beliefs. Stranger things have happened.


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