Sunday, October 21, 2012

In My Opinion...

Weekends are way too short.

LaLaLists rocks my socks off for hosting this link up yet again.
(Even though I'm two days late joining in on the fun.)

Blogging is serious work.

So is getting dressed in real clothes each day.

70 degrees is cold. But comfortable.

Christmas is the best holiday of the year, but needs to wait it's flippin turn.

As long as you wear a costume, you are never too old to trick or treat.
As long as you follow all the safety rules. 

iPhone chargers need longer cords.

Skipping church every once in a while to spend the morning snuggled under the covers with your husband is a-okay. 

Extreme Couponers are weird. 
I'm all about saving money, but I am not all about having over 30 bottles of mustard. 

Liam Neeson is the most BA actor around. End of story.

Waiting in line is The. Worst. Thing. Ever. No matter what's at the end.

I've been a suuuuper slacker in the blog department lately.

Tomorrow's always another day!

This is funny....I don't care who you are.


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