Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Robbie Take Over (Kind Of)

I've been trying for weeks to convince Robbie to do a vlog with me.
Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds
did a Q&A vlog with her husband 
over the summer and it was 
The. Cutest. Thing. Ever. 

Robbie, originally was not too keen on the idea,
but I think he's slowly coming around.
In fact, I'm 95% positive I could have convinced
him to do it for this week's Wedded Bliss Wednesday.

That is if Lebron James hadn't been in town.

(Okay, honestly, I probably still couldn't have convinced him
but we'll just pretend it's because of "King James".)

Long story short, 
The Miami Heat played at the PNC Center in Raleigh
on Tuesday night against the Charlotte Bobcats
(who used to be the Charlotte Hornets...we miss them)
and obviously, anytime a basketball legend is within driving distance
you gotta go.
Oh, unless you're me. I got to stay home. 
While Carter and Robbie
hung out with Lebron.
I'm not bitter.

{I asked Robbie to send me a picture of them at the game,
instead I get this awkward-turtle picture of them in Carter's dorm room.

So no vlog.
But don't worry, I'm not giving up.

But you do get to step inside Robbie's head for a brief second
as he did (only a teeny bit reluctantly) answer this week's questions.
I'm in pink....duh. He's blue. Clever, I know.

Introduce yourself.
Hey. (With an exasperated look as he plays NCAA on Playstation.) I'm Rob the Slob (hehe)

What was the first thing you noticed about your wife, me? You better say how hot I was ;)
Like ever? She was skinny. She was hot. That's it...I think hot sums everything up.

When you fist started dating your wife, what kept you calling/asking her out?
She was the only friend I had on AOL. (yes, we met on AOL Instant Messenger. You can read about that here. and he definitely had more friends than me....don't let him fool you.) And I liked her. Obviously.

What is your wife's best quality? Try to pick just one.
She can get ready in the morning without waking me up hah. That's the only PG one I can say. She likes dogs now. No she loves dogs. She lets me have a Man Cave, even though she doesn't always follow the Man Cave rules, we can't discuss those on the blog. She's nice (most of the time). Watch it, mister. She lets me be me.

What is your favorite thing to do with your wife (ahem, keep it clean!)? Side note: I'm really glad that keep in clean comment was in the original question ha. Oh men.
Go to the movies. Go to dinner. (Remember, this post. Yea I didn't make that stuff up.) Go to football games.

What are you most excited for for the future with your wife?
Kids one day. Really?!? (I swear I didn't tell him to say that.) Living until we're old together. Traveling the world (or at least to NYC and back). 

How do you make your wife feel loved? (I think "keep it clean" should be added here, too. Just for safe measure.)
Paying the bills. Taking the trash out. Going grocery shopping. Taking her out to dinner. Doing manly things that turn her on. (hehe again.)

Clearly, a man of many words.
Although, when I got to the end his exact words were
"that was it?" 

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  1. haha I'm loving the guys answers this week!!

    I'm following you from the link up :)

  2. Guys are so funny with their answers about us especially the first thing they noticed which is usually looks!!! ;)