Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things I Miss

I just spent an embarrassing amount of time 
looking through old Facebook pictures.

Am I the only one that relies on Facebook 
to organize my important life moments?


Everyone and their mom has a fancy pants camera 
with which they can take fancy pants pictures
that are definitely worth organizing somewhere much more reliable...
like in a labeled folder on their computer. 

But ever since the minor catastrophe 
known as "the day my five-year old Nikon camera 
that has spent more time being shoved in my purse,
dropped on the sidewalk, 
or taking an embarrassing amount of pointless selfies
(oh college...)
than actual, photogenic pictures" 
decided to die for real this time
I've been left to rely on the trusty iPhone camera.

Anyway...back to my point.
After spending this ridiculous amount of time
reliving my favorite memories via Facebook
I realized there are two things I'm missing a lot.

#1. My long hair.


#2. Everything else about college. 

Oh, the good old days.
I won't bore you with a walk down my own personal memory lane.
Instead, I'll leave you with this cheerful little picture.

Tehe....isn't he the cutest?
Chef Mickey's not that bad either.
(And seriously, check out those luscious lock....sigh.)

P.S. HUGE shout out to my main man Christopher Columbus.
Thanks to you, I spent the entire day thinking it was Wednesday
only to find out it's actually already Thursday. 

P.S. (again) Notice that five-year old Nikon camera 
was NOT on my list of things I miss.
We're hoping for a suuuuuper nice upgrade soon! :)



  1. wahh we did not have columbus day off!

  2. About 30 seconds before I read this, I was having a debate with my co-workers about deactivating my Facebook account. The only thing stopping me is because I use Facebook as my picture storage and I just got a new computer so I have none of those pictures stored anywhere else. WAY too lazy to move them all.