Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Go Girl, It's Your Birthday

Delightfully Dunn is officially one year old y'all.

Maybe it's because I just spent the last 30 minutes 
looking at "first birthday" ideas on Pinterest
(all of which involved super cute babies in tutus and bow ties smashing cake)

Or maybe it's because I secretly can't believe 
I stuck with this for a year.

Maybe it's because I've been thinking about how fast this year has gone by 
or all the things that I've been through this year.

Or maybe it's because in a few short days
I, too, will be turning one year older.

Either way, I find myself in a pretty sappy, sentimental mood today.

I started this blog last year
because I was tired of simply stalking blogs without making any real contribution
and it was Spring Break so I finally had some time to breathe 
and do something for me completely unrelated to school and work 
and all the grownup things weighing me down at the time.

Since then, I have used this blog 
to meet new people, vent out frustrations, document memorable events, 
and still occasionally, escape the grownup things that still sometimes weigh me down.

Over the past few months,
I've really been grappling with the idea of growing my blog
and converting my blog into more of a "business" venture.
I've wanted to start sponsoring high traffic blogs, 
participating in group giveaways, building my numbers
and gaining sponsors of my own.
However, anytime I thought about all of these things,
I got this teeny tiny knot in my stomach.
Partly from excitement and anticipation as to what could be,
but also partly because I just wasn't sure I was ready for that responsibility.

I've realized, through this year of blogging, that the thing I love most about it
is the lack of pressure related to it. 
I blog when I want to because I simply want to.
And for now, that's what I plan to keep right on doing.
End of story.

My first favorite part of blogging is still reading other people's blogs.
Seriously, you guys are way better at this than me.
My second favorite part of blogging is actually getting to write 
whatever the heck I want to write.
My third favorite part is when you guys actually read 
whatever the heck I want to write.
Seriously, y'all's comments and retweets and emails and all that jazz
is the coolest part about blogging.

So, I don't have any fancy giveaway for my big blogiversary
I do however have a ginormous thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
For real, y'all are the best.

Now I'm off to find the fluffiest pink tutu I can
and face plant into a whole cake
cause apparently, that's how first birthdays work.
Feel free to do the same! 

Clearly, this chick knows exactly what I'm talking about.
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  1. Happy 1 year! It's always exciting to see how far a blog has come within 12 months and I am so glad to hear you're going to continue your passion in an enjoyable manner xo

  2. Happy birthday to the blog! =) My birthday is in a few days too, and I stuffed my face with French macarons yesterday! Worth. It.

  3. What a sweet and sincere post! Happy Blog Birthday!!!!

  4. Happy blog-iversary! I love that you did a photo shoot!

  5. Happy blogiversary! I hope you and the blog have many more great memories together. And whatever direction you decide to take with this space, I know it will be great!