Friday, April 19, 2013

It all started with chocolate covered strawberries

I know that title would leave one to assume 
that an extremely romantical post is going to follow.
However, all those chocolate covered strawberries did for me 
was make my already racing mind,
a little more racey.

And by racey I don't mean oo la la racey
I mean....

Thoughts Running Through My Sugar Filled Brain Last Night

- Chocolate covered strawberries are the best after school snack ever. Eff those apple cinnamon rice cakes.

- JK. Those rice cakes also speak right to my heart.

- Crap. I forgot to link up today's blog post. The number of times I do that is a tad bit embarrassing.

- Willow, stop jumping up and down like a crazy person. You're cute and all but I need some personal space.

- JK again. I love you're jumping bean ways.

- I also love Robbie's "laundry-doing/yard-working" ways. God bless that man.

- Oh yea, epals. I need to get that ball rolling. School's almost over.

- Crap. School's almost over. There's only about 139834587 things I still need to teach my kids.

- Who am I kidding - school's almost over. Hells ya summatime.

- Okay...epals. "Robbie, would having pen pals in Canada be cool or lame?" No response. Probably cause it would be lame. What about South Africa? That's a cool place. I'll email them.

- What do you say to someone in South Africa?

- Enough of that, I'll probably just end up writing letters to my best friend in Little Washington (40 miles away). That counts as pen pals, right?

- Willow, seriously? Why are you still jumping around?

- Better question, why am I still wearing real pants? Yoga pants here I come.

- I wonder if Robbie's noticed that I put on yoga pants after school now instead of real pajama pants? He hates all my jammies. But men are specially programmed to love yoga pants, right? 

- Speaking of yoga pants - Sarah's post about workout clothes is ha-larious. It almost inspired me to actually go to the gym. Almost.

- Oh, yea! Robbie's grilling burgers tonight. Which means I don't have to think about dinner. I love the little housewife he's been today.

- I hope he doesn't think that's demasculating. 

- Wait, E-masculating!? Not DE-masculating!? Who knew?!?! Apparently that genius spell check knew, that's who.

 - Either way, I probably should go snuggle that little bear.

- Yes, and you too, Willow. Although it wouldn't hurt you to take a cue from your sister and calm down just a smidge. Like Whitney said - Crack is whack. But don't worry, I-i-i-i-i will always love you.

Both the loves of my life. Forreals. 

Peace out brussels sprouts,

P.S. Shout out to Miss Erin for this post inspiration.

Oh and Happy freakin' Friday!!! It's about time. 


  1. Doxies must have a jumping bean gene in them! Shelby is always jumping! Crazy girls!

  2. haha love this and omg that ecard is too true! happy friday friend!

  3. I love your random thoughts. And brussels sprouts. Delicious. Hope you are having a great weekend!