Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ten Years From Now...

Lately, several of my favorite bloggers
have been reminiscing about one of my favorite decades - the 90s.
Granted I was pretty wittle during this time, 
but honestly, the 90s was the best decade to grow up in, at least in my opinion.

Cartoons were better,
toys were better, 
and MASH existed.

I loved MASH,
You know the game where you plan out your entire future.
Yes, even at the age of ten I was an OCD over planner,
but hey, it's never too early.

Sometimes I would create really far-fetched, extravagant futures.
Justin Timberlake and I would live in our 25 bedroom mansion
and raise our 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls, obvs) together, 
living happily ever after. 

Other times, I would keep my dreams a little more realistic.
I'd marry my fourth-grade crush, become a teacher making $100,000 a year,
raise our 2-3 kids in a large, but comfortable house.

When I found this post over at Back East Blonde
I was catapulted back to every elementary school sleepover
spent day-dreaming about our futures and where we would be when we "grew up".

Last week, I made a few grown up goals with some of my other favorite bloggers.
And I realized that even at 24, I still love looking into the future
and imagining what my life will look like. 

I like convincing myself that one day, somehow I'll do real grown up things,
like pay off my credit card,
(oh wait, I did actually do that yesterday. heck ya)
drink red wine, and eat all my vegetables.

But in all reality, I hope my life in ten years
looks a little something like this:

I'm (obviously) still married to this hunk-a-burnin love and we're still having way too much fun together. I'm probably still begging him to snuggle with me before I fall asleep, begging him to let me turn off the ceiling fan, and still sleeping in too late on Saturdays.

We'll be able to sleep in late on Saturdays because our two children (one boy and one girl obviously) will understand the importance of leaving mommy and daddy (mainly mommy) alone before the hour of 9AM. They'll learn to be pretty self-sufficient in the mornings, watching Saturday cartoons and eating gluten-free chex-mix cereal. 

Of course, they'll have two sweet doggies to snuggle up with. Roxy and Willow will be the best big sisters ever. They'll be super protective of their new humans and spend all their time chasing them and giving them sweet kisses.

The only time we won't sleep in on a Saturday is Game Day Saturdays. On these days we'll dress our munchkins up in something that looks like this and head out for a fun-filled day of tailgating and football.

By this point we will have upgraded our living situation. In a perfect world we'd be living in the exact same spot (I love our neighborhood) just a bigger, more family-friendly house. However, I'm learning this is actually not that realistic. So instead, we will have found an equally charming house, hopefully in the same general area, with enough room for our family of four to have the right amount of personal space (man cave will still be included) but still the right amount of cozy togetherness.

We'll be financially comfortable enough to give our kids every opportunity they want. However, we'll still be pretty conservative with our money, living within our means, and teaching our children the importance of hard work and responsibility.

I'll drive a family appropriate 4-Runner. And will love every gas guzzling minute in it. It might have TVs in the head rests (I mean by 2023 I imagine this could be considered pretty standard) however, our children will not have to turn the TVs on every time we scoot up the road to Target. 

I'll still be teaching, but will be in grad school working towards my masters. On this same note, I will have finally have figured out what exactly I want to get my masters for. Unless of course we win the lottery. Then I'll be a happy stay at home mom who bakes gluten-free treats and crafts in her spare time.

We'll spend lots of time with our families - hanging out and making memories. 


But most importantly, as exciting as it is to think about our lives in the future,
it's also exciting to think about our lives right now
all the fun things going on today, in this moment. 
I am so thankful for all the blessing God has put in my life
and I look forward to enjoying each and every second with them.



  1. I'll confess when you mentioned MASH, I thought of the TV show. Which I loved... =)

  2. Were you copying off of my MASH notebook pages??? haha ; ) Not going to lie, I totally downloaded the MASH app on my iPhone. Good times.