Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Totes Tuesday

If you're anything like me,
Tuesdays totes suck.

Mondays are rough,
but you're coming down from your weekend high.
(And no, I do not mean that kind of high.
I've heard that's actually pretty rough.)
Wednesdays mean you've made it half way through your week.
Thursdays are kind of like the last "official" work day of the week.
Because Fridays mean morning trips to
Dunkin Donunts for munchkins and coffee.
And the start to another thrilling weekend.

But Tuesdays.
They're just there. 
The weekend is officially over.
And the next one seems unbearably far away.

Except for this Tuesday.
Because this Tuesday, 
I've decided to use the word totes as many times as humanly possible,
in an attempt to make my Tuesday totes awesome.

{Disclaimer: I have a love/hate relationship with abreviations. I think they're actually kind of annoying. But hilarious all at the same time. So we'll see how this goes.}

Anywhoodles....I am totes in love with this Justin Bieber song. 

I mean when did that little tweener learn how to dance like that?
And he totes reminds me of my step-brother.

Just saying.


I totes almost killed my beautiful sunrise mimosa hibiscus this week.
Trying to grow a tropical plant in a non-tropical place 
is close to totes impossible.
Especially when you've been known to kill a cactus in the past.

Apparently hibiscus flowers can't be left outside when it gets cold.
(Can't say I blame them.)
So I currently have a (slightly wilted) tropical plant inside my house.
I really want this thing to grow,
because I've worked totes hard on it.
But really I'm just getting totes annoyed.

Before is obviously on the left. 


I've totes been choosing my meals lately
based on which condiment I'm in the mood for.
I haven't been hungry for anything lately.
Except ketchup and ranch and bbq sauce.

Oh and these things.

It is October after all.
And I know. I'm a walking health nut.


One of my students totes said The. Funniest. Thing. yesterday. 
He raised his hand, 
and when I asked if it was an emergency,
he nodded yes, with a pure look of concern in his eyes.
(FYI - everything in First Grade is an emergency. 
Eventually I'll learn to just quit asking this question.)
So I asked him what was wrong.
And he said the little girl in front of him didn't really believe that Halloween was tonight.
"That's because Halloween isn't tonight, honey."

I guess it was one of those things where you had to be there.
I totes got a good chuckle out of it at least. 


Here's to making it through another Tuesday.
I'm totes proud of you! 
And I'm totes never saying "totes" again!



  1. My fav candy corn mix is with cashews and white choc. morsels, WHEN I am not fasting for 10 year high school reunions, date night, uhmm and probably about 250 other days out of the year, but other than that - LOVE! haha. Also, the Beeb song, I dance in my car to it and I am not ashamed of that.

  2. I totes despise candy corn. Am I the only one? I totes wish that it was actually Halloween. I totes agree that Tuesdays are especially lame...unless they're twofer Tuesday's